Can You Color or Dye Your Hair Extensions?

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The quick answer is YES! You can color your hair extensions if they are 100% human, If they are synthetic than no you would not be able to color synthetic.

Human Hair Extensions

With human hair extensions, you can do anything you can do to your natural hair. This includes chemically processing, heat styling, cutting, and dyeing your human hair. Many people who wear weaves dye their extensions to match their natural hair color exactly. When dying your human hair extensions, keep the following in mind:

First, run a strand test. You can dye your hair extensions, but you should first test them to see how they will react to the coloring. Apply the dye to a single, small strand or section of hair after mixing it as instructed. Prior to coloring the rest of your hair, note the final result.

The best kind of hair for dying are those made of virgin hair extensions. Virgin Remy hair extensions can be dyed with little harm to the hair because they have not undergone any kind of chemical processing. Virgin Remy extensions can be lightened or darkened like natural hair, though it’s best to avoid using too many harsh chemicals. Do not attempt to dye non-Remy hair weaves, according to experts. These hair extensions have undergone chemical treatment, which weakens each strand to its bare minimum. Usually, they aren’t sturdy enough to take dye.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Here is the answer to the question that many people have about coloring synthetic extensions. Natural hair extensions can be dyed, but synthetic hair extensions may or may not be dyeable or bleachable. Even more so than natural hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions go through a lot of processing and are frequently made of plastic. Your synthetic extensions may melt or change shape when exposed to heat, bleach, and numerous hair dyes. Synthetic hair extensions that have been “colored” during production are available for purchase. Synthetic hair extensions frequently take on an odd color when dyed with hair products intended for human hair. Synthetic extensions’ color will probably differ greatly from the dye you bought.

Some people who wanted a natural hair color ended up with pink or purple synthetic extensions instead! Additionally, synthetic hair extensions don’t hold up as well as natural hair extensions do. However, they have a couple great qualities, including being inexpensive and coming in a variety of vibrant colors. If you planned to dye some synthetic extensions, we advise against it (instead, read the related article that is linked below). In the end, you’re better off getting a human hair wig that you can dye or an inexpensive synthetic wig in the color you desire.

What kind of hair extensions would you like to Color?


Tape Ins: Yes you can color tape-in hair extensions. However, you must stay away from the tape area because the dye might harm the attachment. You’ll also need to consider how many shades darker you go because of this. It will be much less discrete and possibly visible if the attachment is more than one or two shades lighter than the hair, especially if your hair is fine.

Wefts, weaves, Clip-ins

Wefts, weaves, Clip-Ins: These hair extensions are probably the simplest to color, but once again, adhere to the tapes’ instructions. Additionally, any glue holding the stitches together may be compromised if you tint over the top portion of your weave or weft extensions, which may result in your hair extensions shedding. Be very careful not to get dye on the knotted area when dying hand-tied wefts. Since hand-tied wefts are much more delicate than machine wefts, tinting over the knots will almost certainly ruin them.

Keratin Bonds, I-Tips

Keratin Bonds, I-Tips: It’s crucial that you avoid applying tint to the area where your hair extensions are bonded because doing so will weaken the keratin and result in shedding. This is crucial for custom hair extensions because the bonds are significantly less strong for the first four weeks or so after fitting. They will completely degrade if you get tint on them during this time, ruining your hair extensions.

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