How To Put In Or Hide Hair Extensions With Short Hair

Extensions are used to add length, thickness, volume, and sometimes highlights to the hair. But what if your hair isn’t as long as the norm?

Short hair is sexy, but there may come a time when you want to try a new style or incorporate something more sexy and fun into your short hair. Hair extensions, which can add length and thickness depending on the type of hair extension you prefer to use, can be used to experiment with adding different colors. There are various types of extensions to choose from, but the clip in hair extension is the best option for your short hair. You’ll have to pick the ones that appeal to you the most, use them, and style them to your liking. Hair extensions can be used to conceal the stages of hair growth.

Step 1: Check to see if your extensions are thick enough, or invest in a second set.

This is true for all hair types, whether thin or thick. You need coverage when your hair is short. You’ll be able to conceal your short hair better if you have more hair for blending. If you’re buying two sets of clip-in hair extensions, purchase the second set at a shorter length for better layering (we’ll talk about layering later). Get one set of 14″ extensions and one set of 18″ or 20″ extensions if your hair is in the center of your neck. It depends on the length you want to achieve, but in any case, the more extensions you have, the better.

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Step 2: Hair extension color must blend in with your short hair

The color of the hair extension you choose must properly mix with your natural short hair, i.e. it must match your hair precisely. Avoid using extensions that are longer than 20 inches, since the greater the length difference between the natural hair and the hair extensions, the more difficult it will be to integrate them together. If your hair is two-toned, a simple procedure that includes mixing and matching your hair extension with your natural hair can be used to solve the problem. To do this, you’ll need to use two different colored extensions and blend them in seamlessly with your natural hair. Layer the two sets of extensions on top of each other to create a blended effect that blends better than a single color set.

Step 3: Hold the bottom section of your hair with a pin

This is a fantastic trick for integrating hair extensions with short hair so that those bothersome shorter parts at the back of your neck are hidden. Only a small section of your hair should be left at the bottom, and the rest should be clipped away. Backcomb and twist or braid the remaining portion, then pin it flat against the nape of your next with bobby pins. This is where your first weft of extensions will be clipped in.

Step 4: Tease the roots to increase their grip for finer hair

If you have finer hair, you may discover that you need a little extra hold at the roots. Tease your natural hair by back combing the strands to provide grip.

Step 5: To cover short layers, make a very large mega-weft

Clip in two 3-clip wefts side by side until you’ve reached the broadest part of your head, which should be in line with your brows. You’ll be laying them next to one other, with a tiny overlap at the back.

At the rear of your hair, clip in the last four clip wefts in the same way. By doing so, you may secure all of the other wefts in your hair and create a single, cohesive weft that covers everything else.

Step 6: Style your hair with your hair extensions clipped in

Have you ever curled your hair first, then clipped in your extensions? When our extensions are already styled and we don’t feel the need to restyle them, we do this. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you must style your hair and extensions together if you don’t want jagged hair and noticeable extensions. Sectioning your hair at the bottom and working your way up is the finest technique to do it. Clip in a row of extensions every time you split off hair, then straighten or curl with a mix of your hair and the extensions.

Step 7: Smooth out your hair with a serum or argan oil

Because your ends may tend to stick out if you have short hair, this is necessary. Especially if you have split ends. Using a hair serum to mix those obstinate strands into the long locks will be smooth. Avoid putting product too close to your roots because it will make your hair look oily. Begin at the midshaft and work your way down to your roots.

Step 8: Trim your hair extensions

If the extension’s ends are blunt and don’t appear natural, you can clip them. Hold the scissors vertically to the ends of the hair extension while cutting to give a natural look.

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