What is Virgin Hair?


Virgin hair is 100% human hair that’s never been chemically-treated or dyed.

What Exactly is Virgin Hair?

You Are Born With Virgin Hair

Simply explained, virgin hair is hair that has never been processed, similar to what we have when we first arrive on this planet. It describes strands that have never been dyed or chemically manipulated in any way. To be more specific, it’s hair free of perms, bleaches, color treatments, and dyes—and yes, highlights and ombré hair count as well.

It’s impossible to go back to virgin hair once it’s been processed or color-treated. That’s correct, once you’ve colored your hair, even if it’s only once, you’ve permanently lost your virgin strands. Hair colorists love virgin hair because it’s much easier to color hair that hasn’t been dyed. Virgin hair also appeals to colorists because of its strength, which stems from the fact that it has never been chemically harmed. Many high-end hair extensions are also created from virgin hair for this reason.

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Virgin Hair Extensions & Wigs

You may have heard the term virgin hair applied to hair extensions, wigs, and weaves. We’re here to answer some of your questions.

1. What is the definition of virgin hair? When it comes to extensions, virgin hair is defined as hair that hasn’t been color-treated or chemically processed—hair that hasn’t been color-treated or chemically processed! Most extensions and weaves, however, do not fall into this group. In relation to that…

2. Is virgin hair suitable for hair weaves and extensions? Both yes and no. While virgin hair will last longer because it has never been colored, it will not match your hair color as well as non-virgin hair options. Those with natural hair, on the other hand, should look for virgin hair extensions and weaves, as these will be in excellent condition and will better match the texture of your curly mane.

3. How do you distinguish between virgin and human hair? Virgin hair, as previously said, is hair that has not been chemically treated. With this in mind, while all human hair extensions and weaves are manufactured with virgin hair, not all human hair extensions and weaves are made with virgin hair. Human hair extensions and weaves that have been colored and processed are available.

4. When it comes to virgin hair, how long does it last? Virgin hair, as previously said, lasts longer than chemically treated extensions and weaves. The specifics, of course, are determined by how effectively you care for them. Keep in mind that how you care for wigs and extensions differs slightly from how you would care for your natural hair.

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