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Keratin Smoothening Treatment

Lush Hair Folk specializes in smoothing treatments that transform dull, dry hair into something spectacular. You won’t have to look far in Houston, Texas to discover the greatest keratin treatment. Our Houston clients get silky soft, divinely smooth hair from our luxury salon. Our clients are ecstatic with their new, completely manageable locks. Keratin treatment is suitable for all hair types and textures, making it an excellent alternative for those seeking an ultra-smooth, seamless appearance. Brazilian Blowout vs Keratin Treatment

Take a seat in our salon chair if you’re ready for the best hair you’ve ever had. With the power of hair healthy protein for radiantly frizz-free beauty, the world of hair smoothing treatments just became a bit more fantastic.

Keratin Hair Treatments: What's the Big Deal?

Keratin hair treatments are the talk of the town, from celebrities to supermodels. Even royalty can’t get enough of this unique protein-based treatment’s flawlessly smooth, moisture-restoring formula. Jennifer Aniston revealed to Vogue magazine that keratin hair treatments are the key to keeping her famous locks looking great. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to get some of that radiance!

We use a fortifying, cuticle-protecting keratin formula at Lush Hair Folk that works on all hair types and textures. What’s the secret to our special radiance? Keratin protein makes up 91 percent of hair, and each strand is strengthened and protected by 16 different amino acids. Damage, breakage, and — you guessed it — frizz are all avoided by doing so. Keratin treatment seals the cortex and penetrates the hair shafts. Years of damage from coloring, chemical processing, and everyday wear and tear can be repaired with this.

The end result is dazzling hair that is healthier and shinier.

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Brazilian Blowout and Other Hair Smoothing Treatments vs. Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin treatment is designed for those who want their hair to have a high-end style and be extra smooth. A keratin treatment will smooth each strand to create seamless movement, unlike a Brazilian Blowout, which will leave some of your natural texture and curl. Keratin treatment, like Olaplex, restores chemical bonds that have been broken or damaged. It also protects the hair follicle from further hair damage by sealing it. Keratin treatments coat the outside of the hair shaft like a shield against wind, sun, and heat styling damage, while Olaplex deep conditions from within.

The nourishing ingredients in each keratin treatment give your new smoothed hair body and depth. The hair will not be flat and lifeless. Instead, it has a silky soft radiance that’s much easier to work with for everyday styling. Keratin treatments are recommended for those who want smooth, manageable hair with more shine.

Keratin Treatments: Care, Maintenance, and More

The long-lasting effects of hair smoothing magic are a favorite feature of keratin treatment. Keratin treatments typically last longer than other treatments, with the aesthetic lasting up to 6 months. This means you’ll spend less time smoothing at home and more time getting ideas for your new sleek look.

For the first two days, clients should avoid washing their hair, clipping it up, heat styling, or otherwise twisting, pulling, or putting elastics in their hair to preserve the keratin bonds infused in each strand. Give your newly smooth locks some extra love and a break from the constant styling! After the honeymoon period is over, you can return to your regular hairstyle. Between sessions, a deep conditioning product formulated with the same protein bonds as a keratin treatment can help you keep the look.

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It’s time to move on to the next stage of your hair journey now that you’ve seen a sneak peek of Houston’s red carpet glamour keratin treatment. Preparing your hair for a keratin smoothing treatment is the best way to transition between styles. The personal style team at Lush Hair Folk has all the information you’ll need to feel comfortable stepping into the spotlight with brand new hair.

These keratin treatment FAQs will tell you everything you need to know.

In Houston, What Type of Hair Is Best For Keratin Treatment?

Many of our Houston salon clients are interested in learning who is the best candidate for keratin treatment. Is this lovely smoothing solution suitable for all hair types, or does it work best with certain hair textures?

In general, keratin smoothing is an excellent styling option for coarse, thick, and frizzy hair. Consider Type 3 hair that is full and wavy, Type 4 hair that is extra voluminous, and Type 2b-c hair with a slight wave. A keratin treatment in Houston eliminates frizz and softens each strand for easy styling. If you prefer your hair straight or simply smoothed to create your ideal curl, a keratin treatment is a great alternative to daily heat styling and other more damaging hair treatments like permanents.

What Hair Types Aren't Suitable for Keratin Treatment in Houston?

Even though we admire their effectiveness, keratin smoothing treatments aren’t for everyone.

Guests with fine, thin, or delicate hair should avoid this treatment and instead opt for a gentle deep conditioning treatment to lift and smooth their hair. High heat when sealing the keratin bonds can cause breakage in extra fine hair. Over-processed hair should not receive a keratin treatment to avoid further damage. If you’ve recently had an intense treatment like bleaching and toning or all-over platinum blonde color, it’s a good idea to take a break between treatments. Your stylist can evaluate the state of your hair and recommend the best course of action for you.

A keratin treatment can also give your hair a smooth, seamless appearance. Especially in Type 2 and Type 3 hair, this can often eliminate any natural waves. If you want to keep some of your beautiful curl, a Brazilian blowout might be a better option.

How Long Should You Wait to Shower After a Keratin Treatment?

You should wait 72 hours or three days after a keratin treatment in Houston before getting your hair wet. The delicate keratin bonds can be undone by water, ruining your new favorite style. Taking care of your smooth new look will help it last longer between salon visits.

Keratin Treatment and Exercise?

We adore our active beauty gurus in Texas! However, you should schedule your Houston keratin treatment on a day when you are not working. Sweat, like any other liquid, wreaks havoc on your appearance. As a result, you should avoid going to the gym for at least two or three days following your treatment. Try restorative yoga, Pilates, or a nice walk if you need to get some exercise. Just be careful not to get caught out in the rain!

What's the Best Way to Maintain a Smooth and Soft Look in Your Style?

There are a few ground rules to follow when it comes to keeping your keratin hair treatment looking flawless. Standard formatting rules apply, such as:

  • Using keratin-friendly products
  • This is a good time to avoid chemical treatments and be gentle with your hair.
  • Using nourishing, all-natural shampoos and conditioners
  • Taking a break in between washes

One keratin-friendly hair tip we recommend is scheduling a refreshing hair masque two or three times per week. Your hair will be silky smooth and ultra-soft as a result of this.

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Keratin Smoothening Treatment FAQs

A keratin treatment’s results can last for a few weeks to about six months. Your hair will then revert to its prior texture. Avoid wetting your hair for at least three days after treatment if you want it to last longer.

More than three keratin treatments per year should be avoided as they have the potential to harm hair over time. People typically want to get them done in the summer when frizz is more noticeable due to humidity.

Keratin is fantastic for people with frizzy hair who want their hair to be straight and smooth.

Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments both effectively reduce frizz and increase shine in the hair. They can be performed on color-treated hair and are safe for all hair types. Brazilian blowouts, however, offer more customization