Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions in Houston, Texas

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Add Gorgeous Length and Volume

If you’re looking for hand-tied or sew-in extensions in Houston, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Look no further than your own backyard for the hair of your dreams! Our Redemption Square beauty community gets red carpet style from Lush Hair Folk.

Natural blended hand tied hair extensions are the style match for you if you’re looking to add a hint of illusion to your everyday mystique. When woven into your lovely locks, these extensions work beautifully with virgin hair. The lightness and subtlety can add volume without overpowering delicate hair and creating a “too much drama” look. Hand-tied hair extensions are a great option for beauty experts looking to add volume to thin, fine hair or want to experiment with a new color without committing.

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If you want to go natural, our stylists can help you match your color for a mistress of illusion chic look that looks and feels real (because it is!). Every shade from “natural-ish” blonde, brunette, and auburn tones can be achieved, from funky fashion colors by iconic luxury lines like Bellami and Glam Seamless to “natural-ish” blonde, brunette, and auburn tones. We’ll seamlessly integrate the extensions into your own hair to create timeless, fashionable looks. The best part is that all of these looks are available right here in Redemption Square.

Hand-tied extensions are one of the most popular hairstyles in Houston, Texas. Prepare to bask in compliments and flawless selfies! They’ll never guess that your effortless style required some effort and a few hours at the salon, but we’ll never tell.

Beauty Is In The Details

Our hand-tied hair extensions aren’t phony in the least. Each artisan strand’s craftsmanship is the key to unlocking the secret. 100% REMI hair is used in all of our professional extensions. We use high-quality human hair to carefully lay each strand. The cuticles are left intact to strengthen the bonded pieces and ensure that the hair always lies in the same direction when attached to your natural hair.

What’s the end result? The look and feel of a “born this way” glamour bomb with silky, soft radiance and length.

Fully Customized, Just For You

The same luxury hair brands that supply our products train our local salon professionals. When it comes to achieving the desired result with your fabulous new extensions, application is everything. Hand-tied hair extensions are a one-of-a-kind procedure in which your stylist beads a row of delicate wefts just below your scalp line by hand. This allows the new hair to blend in with and complement the existing strands.

The best part is that these hair extensions don’t require heat treatments, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your hair. Hair extensions that are hand tied are bouncy and versatile. They act and behave exactly like real hair! So you can put them in a bun or make fun boho braids with them. Also, don’t be afraid to use your regular styling tools like straighteners and curling irons.

When it comes to radiant, healthy hair beauty, Lush Hair Folk knows no bounds.

Caring for Your Best Tresses Ever

Many fashionistas avoid hair extensions because they believe they are difficult to care for and require a lot of maintenance. Hand tied hair extensions, on the other hand, may surprise our Houston girls in terms of upkeep. When it comes to daily styling and activities, they’re also quite tough. You can run, climb, hike, and bike without worrying about your hair getting ruined. These stunning locks have been expertly cut for a seamless appearance that ensures long-lasting style.

To have the rows tightened, simply visit your friendly neighborhood stylist every six weeks. Then you’ll be ready to go for another month of luxurious adventuring. Our salon professionals are happy to provide at-home hair care recommendations to keep your extensions looking perfect. Your stylist can also suggest products that will improve the overall health, shine, and brilliance of your hair.

For all of your professional hand-tied extension questions, concerns, and style inspirations in Houston, contact us today! We’re ready to help you achieve your #hairgoals.


How Can I Find High Quality, Hand Tied Hair Extensions in Houston?

What’s the secret to getting long, voluminous extensions to look good? Finding high-quality hand-tied hair extensions that blend in with your natural tresses in Houston! That means finding a high-end salon that can match your hair’s color, texture, and type. You can tell if your extensions are high-quality by their touch, feel, and color richness, among other things.

Hand-tied hair extensions in Houston should feel and look like real hair, because they are! 100% REMY hair is made entirely of real human hair. As a result, the locks are light and portable. If you’ve ever used at-home clip-in hair extensions, you’ll notice a significant difference in texture right away. The color of salon-quality hair extensions is also bolder, more natural, and perfectly matches your skin tone. Hand-tied hair extensions should blend in with your natural hair, adding volume and length.

With the magic of glamorous, high fashion hand tied hair extensions in Houston, you can create your own unique style.

Do All Hair Types Work Well With Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Because of their different application methods, different hair extensions suit different hair types. When it comes to hand tied hair extensions in Houston, it’s crucial to know if these luscious extensions will work with your hair type.

Hand tied hair extensions in Houston are best suited for beauty experts with Type 1 and Type 2 to Type 3A-B hair. Clients with straight to wavy hair can blend their extensions naturally to give the appearance of endless, silky volume. These extensions are especially great for hair with a bit of texture because the beads lay flatter against the scalp than tape. Without fear of pulling the entire strand out, you can detangle hair closer to the root, just below the beads. Extra fine hair, as well as damaged or fragile strands, will benefit from this treatment.

Natural beaded wefts are a great alternative to hand tied hair extensions in Houston for curlier hair textures like Type 3B-C.

Where Can I Find Hand Tied Hair Extensions in Houston?

Come on down to our Houston Hair Salon and we can help you on your hair extension journey. The key to a seamless hand tied hair extension comes down to hair quality, the color, and the professional installing them. Book Appointment Today!

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What Are The Pros of Sew-In Extensions?

  • The hair extensions themselves are reasonably priced, especially when compared to other types of hair extensions and the length of time they last. You get hair extensions that will last longer for a lower price. As a result, these hair extensions are considered low-cost.
  • These hair extensions can instantly add volume and length to your hair! You can always rely on these hair extensions to give you your desired length and volume overnight if you have a wedding the next day and want to add some volume or length to your hair! In a matter of hours, these hair extensions can transform your hair from thin and short to long and voluminous. The outcomes are immediate and immediate.
  • It’s ideal for thick hair. If you have thick hair and aren’t sure which type of hair extensions to get, sew-in hair extensions are a great option because they work well with thick hair!
  • These hair extensions are not prone to slipping or falling out at random. They’re extremely secure and safe to wear in your natural hair. Other types of hair extensions, such as clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions, can easily fall out of your hair, but the sew-in variety won’t because the hair wefts are literally sewn into your braided hair with a thread and a needle. Because this bond is stronger than that of other hair extension types, these hair extensions are safe, secure, and long-lasting. Unless the braids start to come loose, you won’t have to worry about them slipping away in the middle of an event.
  • Because they don’t require any tape or glue during the installation process, these hair extensions cause less damage to your natural hair. If you have fragile hair, the tape or glue used in other hair extensions can cause damage. The installation of sew-in hair extensions, on the other hand, causes little to no damage to your natural hair.

What Are The Cons of Sew-In Extensions?

  • If applied incorrectly or to thin hair, sew-in hair extensions can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Because these hair extensions are sewn directly into your natural hair, if applied by an inexperienced hairdresser, your hair may pull constantly. Pulling your hair for an extended period of time can irritate your scalp and, in severe cases, cause a headache.
  • Finding a hairdresser who is certified or experienced in the installation of these hair extensions is difficult. Because this is a very complicated and technical process, it takes a lot of expertise to install these hair extensions. Don’t worry Lush Hair Folk is certified in sew-in hair extensions.
  • It is not recommended for people with fine hair. The hair wefts can pull on thin hair too much, causing a lot of hair damage.
  • The braid into which the hair is sewn may pull on your scalp excessively. If it’s too tight and pulling on your scalp too much, it could even cause hair loss.
  • Because the braids are in place for such a long time, product build-up may occur if they are not washed properly. As a result, you must wash them frequently and take good care of them in order to avoid such incidents.