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Oily Scalp and Hair Loss?

Does an Oily Scalp Cause Hair Loss? It’s totally normal to experience a little greasiness on your scalp — in fact, sebum helps support and protect the health of your

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What Is 2C Hair Type?

What Is 2C Hair Type? BOOK APPOINTMENT 2C Hair Of the three types of type 2 hair, type 2c hair has the most noticeable and distinctive wave pattern. A very

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What Is 2B Hair Type?

What Is 2B Hair Type? BOOK APPOINTMENT 2B Hair The following category of type 2 hair is type 2b. This hair type has a more medium texture, a slightly more

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What Is 2A Hair Type?

What Is 2A Hair Type? BOOK APPOINTMENT 2A Hair Type 2 hair is described as having a wavy texture that falls between curly and straight hair types. Type 2 can

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What Is 1c Hair Type?

What Is 1C Hair Type? BOOK APPOINTMENT 1C Hair Trying to determine whether your hair is type 1c or more inclined to type 2 can be a little confusing because

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What Is 1b Hair Type?

What Is 1B Hair Type? BOOK APPOINTMENT 1B Hair It can be challenging to pinpoint exactly what type of hair you have because there are so many variations. You can

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What Is 1a Hair Type?

What Is 1A Hair Type? BOOK APPOINTMENT 1A Hair Asians frequently have type 1a hair, which is the most straightenable type and doesn’t tend to have very porous hair, out

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Facts About Houston, Texas

Interesting Facts About Houston, Texas Book Appointment 1. Americans typically dine out 5.9 times per week. But in Houston, respondents to a Zagat survey said they eat out seven times

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