Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

Do Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

Let’s start with the most common myth. A question that if we had a penny for every time we were asked, we would be as rich as Kim Kardashian – do hair extensions ruin your hair? The correct answer is, no, hair extensions will not damage your hair if they are fitted professionally and are cared for well.

There are a variety of hair extension application methods available, all of which should be thoroughly researched before committing. Clip-in hair extensions are the safest and quickest way to get longer, thicker hair out of all the application methods—micro beads, tape-ins, and fusion. Because permanent hair extensions are glued or physically bonded to small strands of hair, there is a risk of damage to your hair’s roots, as well as pulling and discomfort. Because clip-in hair extensions are temporary, they allow your hair to ‘breathe’ and give your roots a break when they aren’t in use. Many women, in fact, use clip-in hair extensions on a daily basis to achieve longer, fuller hair in just a few minutes at home while causing no damage to their natural hair. Will hair extensions cause hair loss?

Are Clip-In Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

Clip-in Extensions: Low Damage Risk

Clip-in hair extensions are the most popular option for those looking for instant and temporary hair extensions that cause the least damage to natural hair, thanks to their ease of use. In fact, clip-in hair extensions are ideal for anyone who wants to maintain their natural hair while occasionally changing up their look, or who simply wants to grow out their natural hair while still looking glamorous.

Are Tape-In Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

Tape-in Hair Extensions: Low Damage Risk

Tape-in hair extensions come with a double-sided tape adhesive that holds the extensions together and secures them to your hair. Although we often say that glue is bad for your hair, tape in extensions come with a special adhesive that is gentle on your hair and easy to remove without harming it. It lays flat on your hair at all times, allowing the extensions to blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.

While clip in extensions are the least damaging type of hair extensions because they aren’t installed permanently and give your hair a break from over-styling, tape-in hair extensions provide a more natural look and seamless blend.

Are Sew-In Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

Sew-in/Hand Tied Hair Extensions: Moderate Damage Risk

Because they don’t require any tape or glue during the installation process, these hair extensions cause less damage to your natural hair. If you have fragile hair, the tape or glue used in other hair extensions can cause damage. The installation of sew-in hair extensions, on the other hand, causes little to no damage to your natural hair. Weft extensions sewn on top of cornrows are known as sew-in hair extensions. The issue with these extensions is that they are frequently installed too tightly and worn for an excessive amount of time.

Will Hair Extensions Blend Seamlessly?

We’ve all seen our fair share of dubious hair extension photos shared on social media that aren’t the best color match for natural shades. This issue, however, is due to either an untrained technician or someone attempting to use low-cost extensions. You can be sure of a seamless blend if you choose a technician with plenty of experience and a good reputation.

Your chosen technician will spend time during your consultation getting to know your hair and your specific needs. The extensions will then be color-matched and prepared in time for your fitting appointment. To ensure natural results, each strand will be fitted individually, following your hair patterning. Even your closest friends and family won’t be able to tell!

Do The Hair Extension Tracks Show?

Of course, some types of hair extensions require a track. It does not, however, have to be noticeable. If you see someone with a visible track, it’s almost certain they’re wearing clip-in hair extensions that they installed themselves. It’s also possible that their weft was worn too high on their head, causing it to be visible.

When installing any type of professional hair extensions, technicians will make sure that no tracks, bonds, or rings are visible. The’safe zone,’ which is the bottom half of the scalp, will be carefully placed with extensions. Because the’safe zone’ is located below your brow line, there will be plenty of hair to conceal the track.

Do Hair Extensions Weigh You Down And Give You Headaches?

Extensions are the subject of a strange but surprisingly common myth. Hair extensions should not cause headaches, and if they do, it’s most likely because you attached your own clip-ins or your extensions weren’t fitted properly. When it comes to clip-ins, some people go a little overboard with the amount they use. They attempt to place an excessive number of hairpieces, causing the extensions to be extremely heavy on the head and causing discomfort.

Professionally fitted extensions, on the other hand, will be weighed and measured to ensure that the extra hair is as inconspicuous and comfortable as possible. Hair extensions become more natural the longer you wear them, and before you know it, you won’t feel complete without them!

Are Hair Extensions High Maintenance and Do They Tangle?

One of the best things about hair extensions is that they don’t require any salon maintenance or care. You can take good care of your extensions yourself, just as you would your natural hair, to ensure that they last a long time. Hair extensions don’t get oily because they aren’t attached to your scalp, so they don’t need to be washed as frequently. When there is a significant buildup of hairspray or other hair products, they only need to be washed every 15-20 wears. Hair extensions can even be washed at home.

Naturally, all hair extensions—and hair in general—are prone to tangling. The degree to which the hair tangles is determined by the quality of the extensions as well as how well they are cared for. If the extensions are made of remy human hair, the natural tangling should be minimal. If your natural hair is prone to tangling, the extensions may naturally tangle with it; however, a quick brushing every few hours will keep tangles at bay.

Where Can I Buy Hair Extensions in Houston?

When it comes to hair extensions, make sure you only book an appointment with a reputable hair extension technician who will meticulously fit your new, luscious locks. For many years, as hair extension specialists in Houston, Texas, we’ve had a lot of girls come to us for help, hoping to save their hair after a bad experience with another company. While your locks can always be saved, it is critical to choose a reputable expert from the start.

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