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Silky, Natural Radiance and Shine

Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions in Houston, Texas

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Silky, Natural Radiance and Shine

Keratin Fusion hair extensions are the newest fashion trend in Houston. If you’ve been wishing on an Astro’s star for that perfect, silky smooth hair, it’s possible that your beauty dreams are closer than you think! Even celebrities aren’t born with perfect skin. When it comes to achieving the perfect look, most of us glam goddesses need a little help.

Lush Hair Folk is a boutique hair salon in your neighborhood that specializes in high-quality, natural keratin fusion extensions, also known as K-tip extensions. Our stylists will create exactly what you want!

Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions: The Science

When it comes to selecting salon-quality hair extensions that look and feel like real hair, beauty and intelligence go hand in hand. Because of the science behind the look, many of our clients prefer keratin bonded extensions. Keratin is a natural hair protein that helps to maintain the strand’s integrity. It’s essential for achieving the sleek, pin-straight look seen in many long, luxurious hairstyles. The end result is lustrous, radiant hair with youthful elasticity and a silky texture that you’ll want to run your fingers through!

Keratin fusion extensions are made entirely of 100% REMI hair, which is never synthetic and always natural. These lovely locks, unlike tape-in or hand-tied hair extensions, are held in place by the strength of a keratin bond. When heat is applied to keratin protein, the bonds between the proteins break down, allowing it to adhere to your hair. Keratin bonded hair extensions have such a natural appearance that they can be worn in a high ponytail or bun. Nobody will see the tapes or tracks that would otherwise reveal your “born this way” style.

In short, when applied by a trained stylist, keratin bonded extensions are nearly impossible to tell apart from natural hair.

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Long-Lasting Luxury Hair

No one has time for a long morning routine, and heat treatments or chemical processing to achieve your desired look can leave your ends fried, frizzed, and dull. The true beauty of keratin bonded extensions is the long-lasting style you can achieve with these volumizing locks. Each delicate strand is far more durable than it appears!

With proper care, these amazing hair extensions can last up to six months, whether you’re adding length, fullness, or both. This means fewer touch-up appointments and more time to enjoy your new look than with other types of hair extensions.

Textured Hair to Perfection

Many customers are hesitant to enter the world of hair extensions. They are concerned that “faux hair” will not suit their particular texture and type. Hair extensions, on the other hand, do not require straight, fine hair to work. Keratin bonded hair extensions, in fact, are ideal for thick, coarse hair.

If you’ve ever believed that you have a “difficult hair type,” it’s time to let go of your hair-related fears. Accept unrestricted style for all hair types and textures!

As Unique as Your Hair

Keratin-bonded extensions are extremely adaptable. Our professional colorists can match your natural color or help you start fresh with seasonal trends and bold fashion colors. Without the use of bleach, dye, or harsh chemicals that could harm your natural hair, you can achieve anything you want. For styling and everyday wear, these extensions allow for seamless movement.

Because your extensions are real hair, you can curl, dye, straighten, style, and cut them just like your own.

Lush Hair Folk is Houston’s favorite glam squad, so book your best hair today!

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What’s Our Secret Behind Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions in Houston?

In Houston, looking for keratin bonded hair extensions is akin to looking for a diamond in the middle of the city. These are top-of-the-line hair extensions that have become popular in salons all over Europe and the world. With meticulous care and precision, each strand of beautiful, soft hair is wound 150-200 times around the bond. The end result is thick, voluminous hair with rich color and subtle bonds that are nearly undetectable from natural hair. That means you can go for a glamorous updo without having to worry about your extensions showing through.

Keratin bonded hair extensions in Texas are conveniently available for our Houston clients. You don’t have to go to the streets of Paris to get high-fashion hair. Take a look at all of the gorgeous reasons why keratin bonded hair extensions are the epitome of glam.

Do Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

One of the most common questions people have before getting hair extensions is whether they will harm their natural hair. The dream of long, silky locks may sound ideal, but not at the expense of your lovely locks!

Our stylists have some good news for you. There’s no need to sacrifice your hair’s health in order to achieve your ideal look. In our salon chair, your hair is safe. Clients can enjoy long-lasting hair extensions that blend well with wavy hair textures without adding frizz or fluff with keratin bonded hair extensions in Houston.

To avoid damage, it’s important to give your hair a rest after any hair treatment. As a result, your stylist will assess the state of your hair and devise a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. We’re happy to recommend stylish transition styles during your downtime so you never have a bad hair day.

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Can I Grow Out My Hair with Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions in Houston?

Yes! Hair can be grown out using keratin bonded hair extensions. Your hair can grow long, luxurious, and healthy if you follow a salon-recommended hair care routine.

While their natural hair is growing out, many of our clients enjoy wearing extensions. Why wait when you can have endless length in a rainbow of colors right now? Keratin bonded hair extensions in Houston are a great way to feel glamorous for any occasion and a great solution to that awkward, in-between hair stage.

Can I Heat Style Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions?

Keratin bonded hair extensions in Houston are a fantastic option for beauty gurus who want the length and fullness of extensions without sacrificing their creative hairstyling ability at home. Because keratin bonds are long-lasting, you can heat-style them with caution. This means you can curl, straighten, and style your extensions at home to achieve a variety of looks.

To keep moisture in and frizz out, start with a high-quality heat protectant. When using a flat iron or curling iron on keratin bonded hair extensions, keep the temperature between 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The bond can melt or loosen if the extensions are overheated. Instead of styling your hair straight at the root, opt for soft curls and sleek ends. When in doubt, add sculpting gel to your style for tighter curls and change up your brushing technique to better define smoothness throughout your hair.

You can enjoy endless possibilities for your keratin bonded hair extensions with a little extra styling time.

Keratin bonded hair extensions in Houston can help you update your look. Our stylists are ready to help you achieve your hair goals. Make an appointment for hair extensions at our welcoming neighborhood luxury salon today.

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Where Can I Find Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions in Houston?

Come on down to our Houston Hair Salon and we can help you on your hair extension journey. The key to a seamless keratin bonded hair extension comes down to hair quality, the color, and the professional installing them. Book Appointment Today!