Bellami Hair Extensions

100% Style, Zero Commitment With Bellami

Bellami Hair Extensions in Houston, Texas

100% Style, Zero Commitment With Bellami

In Houston, discover the beauty of Bellami hair extensions. Houston’s premier hair extension salon, Lush Hair Folk, specializes in luxury hair styling and professional color consultation. Hair extensions can be used to enhance natural fullness and length, as well as to weave dramatic pastels and bold colors into your lovely locks.

Of course, as part of our commitment to the highest quality, Lush Hair Folk only carries celebrity-endorsed hair extensions that look and feel natural — because they are! Bellami hair extensions are proud to be part of our curated line of 100 percent pure REMY hair. At Houston’s best hair extension salon, be inspired, create, and imagine with infinite style and limitless looks.

Bellami Hair Extensions' Star Quality

Bellami hair extensions are one-of-a-kind. These radiant locks grace the covers of magazines and appear on runways all over the world as the most recognized hair extension brand in the world. These incredible hair extensions are known for their signature thickness and movement. Bellami extensions are healthier, fuller, and flow naturally for effortless blending because they are made from real human hair at the cuticle.

While Bellami may reign supreme when it comes to delivering glitzy volume, the beauty of these strands isn’t the only reason to applaud their craftsmanship. Bellami hair extensions are ethically sourced and produced in a sustainable manner. Bellami is the only consumer and professional brand in Asia with its own manufacturing facility. Bellami hair extensions are handcrafted by a small, dedicated team that never outsources quality control. The brand is also ISO 9001 certified and has the highest production standards.

Because of the beauty of ethically sourced hair extensions, we know that our clients share a passion for hair products that look great and feel even better. For quality and craftsmanship, Bellami is at the top of the list.

A Beautiful Palette of Choices

Why shouldn’t hair extensions have the same range of shades and tones as foundation? Our customers deserve products that are tailored to their specific hair needs. Bellami hair extensions have the most color options, with 42 different shades available in Natural, Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, and Rooted styles. So you can effortlessly transition from ethereal pastels to warm auburns and sunny summer blondes without the use of bleach, lightener, or chemical treatments. It’s no surprise that hair extensions are popular among beauty experts as a non-damaging alternative to frequent coloring.

With a color palette for every diva, finding your perfect shade has never been easier. Our expert colorists love blending and creating bold, new looks with Bellami hair extensions in every texture and color.

Bellami hair extensions also keep their natural curl better than any other weft on the market. Commercial hair extensions frequently have a stiff texture that is noticeable. Quality hair extensions, on the other hand, make blending a breeze. These strands can be cut and shaped to enhance the length and fullness of your lovely face. Even the most eagle-eyed beauty experts have trouble distinguishing between fake and real hair!

These hair extensions can also be heat styled for everyday use.

Your Style Is As Long-Lasting As You Are

Hair extensions made of flimsy materials are best reserved for costume parties. Even the finest, most delicate hair is resistant to Bellami hair extensions. These lovely strands add volume to your hair without weighing it down. For maximum hold, I-Tip, Keratin Bonded, Tape-In, and Clip-In hair extensions have well-designed wefts. There’s no need to be concerned about the extensions slipping or moving during everyday wear. Bellami extensions are the best hair extensions for an active lifestyle because they stay put even at the gym.

Each weft’s rich colors and tones retain their signature mirror-like quality wash after wash. These hair extensions have a natural shine, unlike synthetic hair extensions, which are prone to dullness. Each strand’s reflective quality is what gives these amazing extensions their lifelike appearance. With proper at-home care and maintenance, Bellami extensions are good to go for any of life’s adventures, depending on the application technique.

Who says being beautiful isn’t difficult? Not in the least, Bellami! With no damage, breakage, or frizz, these hair extensions will stay strong while being gentle on your roots.

Your Houston luxury hair salon can help you create your own incredible look with Bellami hair extensions. Our glitzy line of internationally acclaimed products is ready to be your next fashion inspiration. So let us assist you in achieving your desired look! To schedule your first appointment, contact one of our talented stylists today.

brunette-woman-with-curly-hair extensions

Beautiful Bellami hair extensions are available in Houston at your favorite luxury salon. Bellami extensions are the perfect match for any hair color, length, or texture. These glitzy locks blend in seamlessly, giving you the length and volume of your wildest hair fantasies. Find out what to expect during your first hair extension appointment and why so many glam goddesses swear by Bellami extensions.

Bellami extensions have a long lifespan, which is one of the many reasons why fashionistas prefer them. Bellami hair extensions in Houston can last 3 to 12 months if properly maintained and cared for. When the extensions start to show signs of blending poorly, it’s time to have them moved up. 

Bellami Extensions Can They Be Colored?

Bellami extensions are made from 100 percent pure human hair that is colored in a special way to keep its color. Coloring these extensions isn’t recommended in general because the coloring process can shorten the life of your lovely locks and cause damage if done incorrectly. Prior to installation, talk to your colorist about your options for finding the best color match.

Of course, if you’re dead set on changing the color of your Bellami extensions, there are a few options. Avoid anything that requires multiple chemical processing steps and opt for a single all-over color treatment (bleaching, lightening, etc.). Check out this helpful tutorial for Bellami hair extensions in Houston that walks you through the DIY dye process.

Are Bellami Extensions Supposed to Shed?

You may notice a few stray hairs when your Bellami extensions in Houston are first installed, especially after the first time you wash and style your new hair. This is normal, and it will get better over time.

Can I Style My Bellami Extensions With My Favorite Styling Tools?

Yes! These wonderful wefts can be styled just like your natural hair because Bellami extensions are 100% human hair. To keep your tresses from frizzing during heat styling, we always recommend using a high-quality heat protectant spray.

How Soon Can I Wash Bellami Hair Extensions After I Get Them in Houston? How Often Do I Have to Wash Them?

Bellami extensions are hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Avoiding sulfate-based shampoos and conditioners in favor of ultra-moisturizing products is one of the best ways to extend the life of your hair extensions. Leave-in conditioners and masks are an excellent way to hydrate and nourish your hair.

Take care not to over-wash. Bellami extensions should only be washed when they appear to be in desperate need. Because your hair extensions do not grow out of your scalp like your natural hair, they do not benefit from natural oils that keep them lustrous and radiant. This also means they won’t get greasy as quickly as natural hair, allowing you to go between washes for a little longer. If possible, try to do it once a week.

Can I Exercise While Wearing Bellami Extensions?

You don’t have to stop working out to get hair extensions. We understand that our Houston clients value their active lifestyles. Bellami extensions are tough and durable, making them ideal for the gym or the trails. Instead of tight ponytails, braids, and buns, go for loose ponytails, braids, and buns that won’t snag your extensions. After working out, spritz your extensions with a gentle dry shampoo to keep them looking fresh and vibrant.

If you’ve been wondering where to get Bellami extensions in Houston, look no further than Lush Hair Folk Salon. Book your appointment today for Bellami’s amazing length and luscious volume.

Bellami Hair FAQ

100% remy human hair that has been meticulously collected and sorted to ensure its superior quality is used to make all Bellami Hair extensions. For their professional line, Bellami Hair offers the broadest selection of tape-in, sewn-in, and clip-in extensions.

How long do extensions made by BELLAMI Hair typically last? BELLAMIS have a lifespan of three to six months, depending on how they are used, maintained, and cared for.

Unless you pile your hair on top of your head and avoid getting it wet at all, it’s not advised to swim with clip-ins for our Bellami Hair Extensions. The water can cause your clip-in hair extensions and your natural hair to tangle, leaving you with a mess to clean up after you get out.

Julius Salerno is the Co-Founder and CEO at BELLAMI Hair .

A BELLAMI looping tool, BELLAMI beads, a BELLAMI micro-beaded threader, a spool of nylon-based thread, and a curved sewing needle are used by BELLAMI accredited stylists to apply Volume Sew-in Wefts. installed using a method of your choice, such as beads or braids, to make a firm base. The process of applying itself takes 3-6 hours.