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The Haircutting Professionals

At Lush Hair Folk Salon, the most fabulous haircuts in Houston are just a phone call away! The best luxury hair salon in Texas is located in Houston. There’s never been a better time to update your look.

A haircut is more than just a style change. It’s a bold statement of embracing something new and different — a way to seize each seasonal trend and forge your own path in the world of daring chic. There’s always a good reason for a salon session, whether you’re preparing for a big career change, getting ready for a special occasion, or simply in need of a trim.

In Houston, we specialize in tailored styling options for men’s and women’s haircuts. Our styling team has received professional training from some of the nation’s top cosmetology schools. Prior to joining the Lush Hair Folk glam squad, all of our stylists had a minimum of 6 years of experience in high-end haircuts, coloring, and styling. We’re firm believers in gaining new skills over time. Every member of our valuable style team receives in-house and off-site training to ensure that we are always up to date on the latest trends and techniques. With the luxury salon difference of professional quality and flair, your hair is always in good hands.

There isn’t such a thing as a straightforward haircut. Every cut and style session at Lush Hair Folk leaves you feeling like a new person.

Come see us for a trim, chop, or anything in between!

Houston Haircut before and after

Every day you wake up loving your hair, a fabulous haircut brings out inner confidence and beauty that shines brighter. Knowing that your stylist will be with you (and your hair) for the long haul is one of the most important aspects of choosing the right salon. It’s a big deal to put your trust in a stylist’s hands — and scissors! We understand that change can be frightening. That’s why, after every women’s haircut, the smiles on our clients’ faces are always our top priority. We specialize in cutting all types, lengths, and textures of hair at Lush Hair Folk. Stylists with a variety of backgrounds and an artisan touch that goes beyond a trim can be found here. We’re always happy to recommend the most up-to-date hair care products and treatments. Our stylists can also help you come up with ideas for your next big look.

Do you want to let your hair grow out? When it comes to transitioning from short to long hair, there are no awkward stages! Our salon has a variety of haircuts for medium-length hair. Alternatively, perhaps you’re about to take the plunge and get that pixie cut everyone has been raving about. We can suggest the best short haircuts for framing and flattering your beautiful face. The sky’s the limit when it comes to haircuts, from layering and feathering to creating dramatic French bobs and chic lobs. Bring us a photo, an idea, or a celebrity look you’ve always wanted to try, and our glam squad will turn it into a reality. We’re thrilled to be a part of your hair transformation!

Houston barbershop mens haircuts

Lush Hair Folk isn’t just a “women’s salon.” We all agree that men also deserve the best haircuts! Your confidence and sense of style are greatly influenced by how you present yourself. You can be sure that our stylists have received specialized training in men’s haircuts. You’ll never leave our establishment wishing you could crawl into a baseball cap! We’ll elevate the quality of your haircut, whether you want a tight clipper fade, a razor cut, or a scissor over comb style.

Our welcoming Houston barbershop offers high-end cuts with a relaxed attitude. Not sure which cut will work best for your hair type? Not to worry! We’re delighted to offer suggestions. Additionally, we’ll share our expert opinions on the top pastes, clays, and pomades for men’s hair as well as hair coloring and tinting services. In addition, we are pleased to give all of our male clients complimentary two-week neck trims. It’s our way of thanking you for visiting. Never again stress about having a bad hair day when you leave the maintenance to us.

Are Houston's Luxury Haircuts Really a Cut Above the Rest?

What is it about a salon experience that transforms an ordinary haircut into something special? The first step in a lifelong journey of loving your hair is to find the right stylist for amazing haircuts in Houston.

When looking for haircuts in Houston, we frequently hear terms like luxury salon and professional hairstyling mentioned, but what do these terms actually mean? What makes a great salon experience stand out? Many of our new salon visitors are unsure of what to look for or how to define the type of service they anticipate. This can lead to major hair regrets if you get a walk-in haircut that doesn’t meet your expectations. There are three critical points to remember:

  • You are deserving of the best!
  • Before you book your first appointment at Lush Hair Folk Salon, we’re here to answer all of your questions.
  • In Houston, we also provide corrective haircuts.

What Is the Best Way to Find the Right Haircut for Me?

If a new haircut doesn’t make you squeal with delight, it’s not the right haircut for you.

Every selfie is illuminated by a fantastic haircut, which turns every head in the room. Finding the best haircuts in Houston can be a difficult task at times. At the end of the tunnel, there’s a bright, warm salon light. When you make an appointment at a high-end hair salon, you know you’ll be getting the services of trained beauty experts.

This means that even if you’re not sure what to call a haircut you saw on Instagram, how to style layers to suit your face shape, or whether bangs are a good option for you, our team of experts can assist you in finding the perfect haircut. We recognize that there is no such thing as a straightforward haircut. “Side-swept, curtain, or curled?” we ask our salon guests when they say “bangs.”

A luxury salon learns about your hair goals, daily maintenance routine, and unique sense of style through a thorough process. Lush Hair Folk, the home of Houston’s best haircuts, offers so much more than just a simple appointment. It’s a complete beauty and wellness package.

I'd like To Reward Myself! What Services in Houston Go Best With Haircuts?

What’s the key to achieving that flawless celebrity glow? Giving yourself (and your hair) a break!

The sleek, shiny, curly, wavy, or ultra-straight hair you’ve seen in Instagram photos probably wasn’t achieved with just a haircut. A variety of add-on treatments tailored to your hair’s needs and goals can help you achieve flawless hair. So, to truly bring out that inner glow, combine your next haircut with an Olaplex treatment to strengthen rich, vibrant hair or a deep conditioning treatment.

Are you looking for more client-specific advice? Consult one of our hair stylists!

What Can I Do at Home to Maintain My New Haircut?

Everybody’s hair care routine at home is different. Our stylists can help you develop the right home hair care routine to maintain your fresh, new cut, whether you have plenty of time to style your hair in the morning or you’re more of a 15-minute-and-go kind of beauty guru. Lush Hair Folk provides a variety of high-end salon products for at-home styling as well as easy appointment scheduling for trims and touch-ups.

As a result, your hair will never be out of place. Our stunning clients’ luxury haircuts in Houston include a supportive home styling regimen in addition to the salon chair. We’re happy to suggest haircuts that are suitable for either high- or low-maintenance upkeep. With the right products and, of course, an amazing glam squad on your side, you’d be surprised how easy some haircuts are to maintain.

Make an appointment for your first haircut today and see for yourself the difference that a luxury salon can make.