Salon Hair Treatments in Houston, Texas

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Hair Salon Treatments

Hair Treatments in Houston

One salon visit is all it takes to beat the humid Houston weather! In Houston’s Redemption Square neighborhood, Lush Hair Folk offers a wide range of professional salon hair treatments. Our luxurious, eco-friendly products and formulas bring out the natural radiance of each and every strand. Hair treatments serve as a gentle reminder to appreciate your lovely locks. We guarantee that every time you sit in one of our salon chairs, you’ll feel brighter, shinier, and more vibrant than before.

Deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis are the key to having healthier hair. Salon certified treatments do it all when used professionally with high–quality, nourishing ingredients. Look forward to treatments that will strengthen, repair, detangle, smooth, and protect your hair while also adding shine and brilliance to your daily routine. Our clients are anything but ordinary. Fabulous hair deserving of fabulous treatment! Consider our professional hair treatments a diva maintenance regimen that will keep your style on point regardless of the weather, whether it’s wind, sun, rain, or excessive flat ironing. When every strand is fortified with luxury salon gold, there’s no challenge your hair can’t overcome.

Do you want to get rid of your frizz? Also, do you want to protect your selfies from breakage and catch the light with each one? Are you transitioning from black to blonde and need to add some extra deep conditioning to your new color? Our decadent formulas can be used in conjunction with any salon treatment or as a stand-alone service whenever you need to pamper yourself and your hair.

Take a look at our wide range of high-end professional hair health and wellness options. Then let Lush Hair Folk’s amazing salon hair treatments for every hair type and texture in the Houston area pamper your soft, silky locks.

Olaplex Treatment

Hair care science has never been more innovative! Treatments with Olaplex are highly recommended for reviving hair that has been over-processed by coloring, bleaching and lightening, and heat styling. Also, this isn’t your typical hair treatment. An Olaplex treatment is a three-step process that repairs each strand’s molecular bonds.

Our stylists have received professional training from some of Houston’s top cosmetology schools, so they know how to expertly apply each treatment for maximum, long-lasting results. Olaplex treatments give hair a silky, smooth texture while also coating it with a protective layer to protect it from further damage. This fantastic treatment is the ideal hair protection for daring beauty gurus!

Brazilian Blowout Before and after

Brazilian Blowout

Have you ever wished for a natural, beachy glow that didn’t require a trip to the beach? Even hot mamas can enjoy the brilliance of vacation vibes with the secret ingredient of an Instagram-perfect hair smoothing treatment Brazilian Blowout.

Brazilian Blowouts make it simple to smooth frizz while maintaining natural movement and flow. This smoothing treatment can be easily customized depending on how much curl and wave our clients want to keep. A Brazilian Blowout gives you a naturally beautiful, effortless, and chic look. The processed hair can be tied up, clipped up, and dolled up right away because it is so light and healthy.

A Brazilian Blowout lasts three to four months before fading to your natural texture. So you can save time while maintaining the natural texture and flow of your hair!

Keratin Smoothening Before and after

Keratin Treatment

The sleekness and shine of a rich, revitalizing keratin hair treatment are well-known. This unique hair smoothing process uses the same protein found in hair, skin, and nails to reduce frizz. Each cuticle is also protected by a protective layer that prevents breakage and fade. The end result is mirror-like hair that is ultra-smooth and ultra-glossy.

Keratin treatments are recommended for those who want their hair to be silky smooth and free of curls and waves. Keratin treatments last longer, are smoother, and more vibrant than most hair smoothing formulas, despite the fact that they require a little more maintenance than most hair smoothing formulas. Lush Hair Folk, located in the heart of Houston, Texas, uses only professional hairstylists to achieve celebrity looks.

hair treatment before and after

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep conditioning is a classic hair treatment that is an important part of the upkeep process. More frequent appointments will benefit bright fashion colors and ultra-light hues in particular, while au naturale hair becomes simple to maintain with a minimalist approach to nourishment and repair. At Lush Hair Folk Salon, we use the most up-to-date beauty brands to ensure that every session is a success.

These hair treatments, when professionally applied, create the iconic celebrity hair trends we all know and love (and, let’s be honest, a little bit envy). Keratin treatments are the most cutting-edge technology for hair strengthening and beauty enhancement. They make use of the same protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails. They also contain a variety of essential amino acids and nutrients that give them a lustrous appearance.

Make an appointment with our salon hair treatment experts in Houston, Texas, for your next Olaplex or deep conditioning treatment.