Women's Haircuts

The Perfect Women’s Haircut for Every Diva

Women's Haircuts in Houston, Texas

The Perfect Women’s Haircut for Every Diva

Finding the ideal women’s haircut in Houston, Texas, is like unearthing a hidden gem. Fortunately, at Lush Hair Folk Salon in Houston, we specialize in glitz and glam.

Our expert hair stylists have graduated from the best cosmetology schools in the country. At our opulent hair salon, we take glitz and glam very seriously. That is why Lush Hair Folk places a strong emphasis on quality and continuing education. Every member of our incredible team receives ongoing training, both in-house and around the world, to stay on top of the latest trends in women’s haircuts. Women’s hair cutting techniques, like your personal style, are always changing. Being at the forefront of dynamic new styles for women’s haircuts in Houston, Texas is one of the best things about being a cutting-edge salon.

We’re looking forward to growing with you as your style evolves.

Short Hair, Bigger Dreams

Lush Hair Folk specializes in short hairstyles for women, from pixie cuts to chic, girly buzz cuts. Our women’s haircuts are a great way to change up your look depending on the season — or your mood! You don’t need a special occasion to make your hair look amazing. It can be difficult to make the transition from long to short hair. Our trained professional hair stylists, on the other hand, are here to assist you in determining which short hairstyle best complements your lovely features.

A dramatic bob with a bit of fringe and face framing can tie the whole look together. When it comes to adding volume and fullness to longer lobs, layers are a great option. So take a deep breath, jump in, and enjoy the best women’s haircut in Texas to date, with short, fresh, youthful styles that will turn heads.

Medium Hair, Don't Care

Hair growth can be a pain, let’s face it. We all wish we could wave a magic wand and have an Instagram-worthy hairstyle with the exact length and fullness we desire. While there is no magic formula for flawless hair, a professional women’s haircut can give our in-between hair the appearance of perfection — even if it’s in an awkward growth stage.

Celebrities and everyday glam goddesses alike prefer medium women’s haircuts in Houston, Texas. With a long Cleopatra bob or layers and dimension, you can embrace the vintage trend or embrace edgy chic. The key to growing out short hair is to keep up with regular haircuts. A little TLC will keep your hair healthy and radiant while preventing ragged ends.

Looking for a way to add some vibrancy to your hair without sacrificing length? At Lush Hair Folk, add a pop of highlights to any professional women’s haircut to add depth and intrigue. When you don’t want to wait for your natural hair to grow in, hair extensions are another great option for adding length and style.

Long Hair, Longer Life

A great women’s haircut doesn’t always have to be a radical change. Our skilled stylists know how to work with long hair to keep it looking healthy and smooth while maintaining length. With fresh feathered hair, you can transport yourself to the 1990s. Alternatively, for a hint of boho chic, we can trim a few hidden layers into your long locks. If you want your hair to stay straight and silky soft, regular trims are the best way to keep it healthy.

Have you decided that a trim isn’t enough, but you’re afraid of losing your luscious locks? We can’t say we blame you! Our glam squad can suggest a variety of stunning styles that will satisfy your desire for a change without drastically shortening your long hair.

Combine your Houston women’s haircut with a styling session for soft curls or a silky smooth blowout.

Are you prepared to make a change? Make an appointment at Lush Hair Folk Salon for a women’s haircut today!

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Every guest who sits in our chairs at Lush Hair Folk Salon is treated to an artistic, high-fashion look. Start with you for the best women’s haircuts in Houston! Each client is distinct, which necessitates tailoring the right cut to complement your signature style. This is the luxury salon distinction that always goes above and beyond when it comes to capturing your inner radiance and bringing it out for all to see.

From behind the salon chair, we’ve compiled a list of simple style tips to help you find your ideal haircut.

What's the Best Haircut for Every Hair Type and Face Shape?

Most hair types, textures, and face shapes look great with medium-length hair.

Houston women’s haircuts should be versatile. Every haircut should be a show-stopper in terms of style and grace. Finding the right cut for your hair type, on the other hand, can limit your options. Meeting in the middle is the best solution!

In Houston, you don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter women’s haircuts. Hair that is medium in length can be styled in a variety of ways. Soft curls and faux hawks, one-length cuts with minimal layering for slick sophistication, or a full lob of messy layers to create movement and volume are all possibilities. Mid-length hair is always in style, elegantly timeless, and perfectly tailored to frame your lovely face.

Help! I'm getting ready for a special occasion, and I'm not happy with my hair.

Don’t be concerned. For every special occasion, our glam squad has your back. We’d be delighted to fit you in for a “need it right now” women’s haircut. Not sure what style will work best for the occasion? Have you run out of ideas? It’s no problem! Our professional stylists can give you a style consultation, give you the best women’s haircuts in Houston, and get you out the door in time for your big entrance.

My hair is in bad shape. Is my only option to cut it all off?

You’d be surprised how frequently our salon guests ask this question, and even more surprised how many “ruined” hairstyles we’ve saved! We prefer to believe that no damage is irreparable until our expert stylists have had a chance to work their magic. Damaged hair may only require a deep conditioner or a nourishing Olaplex treatment to bring back the luster to dull, lifeless ends. Layers are yet another great styling trick for maintaining length while removing dead ends and allowing for new growth.

Of course, we’d like to point out that “severing everything” isn’t always a bad thing! One of the most rewarding hair journeys we can take is from long to short. Our stylists can recommend the best women’s haircuts in Houston for short hair, from pixie cuts to layered bobs and beyond. Also, for a true glow-up, add a pop of color to your new look and say goodbye to damaged ends!

Is Lush Hair Folk a good place to go for wedding hairstyles for my happily ever after? For the Big Day, I'm Thinking of Cutting My Hair!

Weddings are one of Lush Hair Folk’s favorite special occasions. At our bridal salon, we’re thrilled to offer bridal hair consultations for all lengths, colors, and textures. With timeless, ethereal wedding hairstyles, romance is in the air to make your special day even more magical. Give your stylist information about your upcoming wedding. We’d love to hear about your ideal wedding so we can assist you in selecting a bridal haircut or hairstyle.

Are you looking for a change of pace? Then we’re prepared to assist you with your transformation. Make an appointment with our talented stylists for a women’s haircut today.