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Where in Houston can I get a good haircut for men? Lush Hair Folk is the top salon in Texas for providing exceptional looks that are a cut above the rest when it comes to fashionable, current men’s haircuts.

Lush Hair Folk is more than just a salon for women. In order to provide contemporary cuts and styles with high-end distinction, our professional hair stylists receive classical training from some of the best men’s haircutting schools. A good haircut can significantly impact one’s motivation and self-assurance. When we feel good about how we look, we are motivated and ready to take on the day. There’s no need to settle for “just okay” hair on a night out, and looking a little scruffy won’t cut it in the professional world either.

Houston is the center of men’s and women’s tough, edgy fashion. At our men’s hair salon in Houston, Texas, amazing haircuts can revitalize your sense of style.

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Razor fades, undercuts, pompadours, Fringe - We Do It all

It’s a widespread misconception that men’s haircuts follow a one-size-fits-all philosophy. It’s impossible for anything to be more false! Each cut identifies your individual style and completes a look. It’s great if you have an idea of the cut you want. Your hair will be styled to fit the newest male hair trends. Uncertain of the best style for you? No issue! The best cut for your face shape and desired appearance can be suggested by our hair stylists at our men’s hair salon in Houston, Texas.

The traditional textured slick back, the modern razor cut, the chic clipper fade, and the pompadour are some of the most well-liked men’s haircuts. Low, medium, or high fade haircuts with clippers are becoming more and more popular. Men with fuller, thicker hair can tame it with an edgy cut like a pompadour with a taper fade or a spiked side part. Ivy League, buzz, or fringe cuts with a GQ-inspired vibe are perfect for those who want to keep it simple.

Incorporate a color service to complete the look. Our expertly skilled men’s hair colorists are masters at matching a great men’s haircut with all-over color, street-chic fashion shades, or a straightforward root touch-up.

How to Maintain a Men's Haircut for Every Guy

Sometimes leaving the salon chair can make you feel apprehensive and uneasy. Your fresh, well-groomed haircut could grow out, lose its shape, and revert to “just okay” hair status in the time in between appointments. Spend no time worrying about upkeep while you are feeling confident with your new hair! You won’t be left hanging on a split end by our hair salon professionals. We’re happy to offer our recommendations for the top hair styling products for men and help you establish a simple, effective, at-home hair care routine.

What Men's Haircut is Popular Right Now in Houston?

Consequently, you are aware that you desire the appearance. You have a rough idea of the type of haircut that best fits your distinctive fashion sense and head shape. You’ve scheduled your first appointment at a high-end hair salon, but you’re not exactly sure what you want or what “hairstyle lingo” to use to describe the appearance you want.

We’re here to offer hairstyle advice to the clients of our hair salon. In Houston, these are the top-trending haircuts for men:

Low Taper Fade

Lower Tape Fade haircut houston

Any men’s hairstyle with a textured top is improved by adding a fade, and a crop top is no exception. Go for a high bald fade on the back and sides if you want to project a bold and edgy appearance. However, if you prefer a more subdued appearance, stick with a low taper fade.

Curly Undercut

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This is an excellent way to update the cut and is ideal for curly hair. The top part of the hair is left intact, but the sides and back of the neck are machine-cut extremely short to highlight the lovely curls.

Edgar Haircut

Edgar haircut men houston

If you’ve been thinking about getting a fringe cut, you might want to start with a textured crop. It won’t be challenging to pull off because it only has a short fringe that blends in with the top hair. Get the sides faded, though, if you want to emphasize it even more. A high skin fade will work in your favor if you want to achieve the definitively edgy Edgar haircut look.

Crew Cut

Crew cut haircut houston men

In the 1930s, university students in England favored this cut, which features a longer top section and a shorter side that almost creates a gradient effect. It’s great if you want to maintain fashion while giving your overall look a little flair.

Classic Side Part

classic side part haircut houston men

Men should choose haircuts that make a big impact with little effort. One of the few fashion trends that remains popular over time is the side part haircut. It’s understandable why fashionable men in the previous century favored wearing this straightforward yet precise cut in public because it is incredibly adaptable.