What is a Hair Blowout?

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There are few things that are better than spending the day getting pampered at the salon, and when you leave, you have the added bonus of knowing that you look your best. Freshly styled hair always makes you look and feel beautiful, and you may even go to great lengths to keep that style as long as possible to keep your confidence elevated. I love providing the sophisticated, clean style for guests. But what is a blowout? We’ve all heard the term, or heard someone say “thanks! I just got my hair blown out!” No worries—I’ll walk you through it.

At Lush Hair Folk Salon, our experts know a thing or two about styling hair. We offer a variety of salon services that will help you achieve the looks you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re interested in a brazilian blowout, keratin treatments, haircuts, or a fabulous color treatment, we can help! Ready to get luxurious locks that you will love? Book online to schedule an appointment at Lush Hair Folk Salon!

What is a Blowout?

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When you’ve visited the salon, you may have heard your stylist use the term blowout once or twice. You may have thought that the term was synonymous with blow drying your hair, but a blowout is so much more than that! A blowout is a service that is typically performed in between your regular haircut and color. Typically, a blowout service consists of the stylist washing your hair and then using their professional skills to dry and style your locks into a beautiful and volumized look! A blowout is a meticulous method of drying hair to achieve a desired look. Each section of hair is manipulated to get the smoothest and most voluptuous finish possible.

At Lush Hair Folk Salon, we offer  blowout services giving you a unique and gorgeous look. Walk out with a sleek blowout that leaves your hair sleek and smooth, choose a volumizing blowout for extra bounce, or enjoy a carefree look with beachy waves! Make an appointment now at dsparada Color Salon!

What to Know Before Getting a Blowout?

Getting a blowout is a fun way to mix up your style in between cuts and colors, or even enhance your look for a special event! Blowouts are a great for a weekend, special occasion, or just to feel pampered. Honestly, getting a blowout will make you feel confident in any situation! If you have any questions about the blowout process, feel free to message us directly.

Communicate With Your Hairstylist

If you go to your favorite salon every time you get your hair done, then you most likely have a favorite stylist who you go to regularly and knows how you personally like your hair. However, if you’re in a different city or you’re just getting a blowout for a special event, then you may not see the hairstylist that you normally go to. If that’s the case, then it’s important that you communicate with whoever is doing your hair. For example, if you like to have your hair parted in a certain way, or you know that using a lot of products makes your scalp oily, then it’s important to let your stylist know before they wash and style your hair. Communicating any concerns will allow them to better tailor the service to your needs, resulting in a better overall experience.

Consider Your Options

As we mentioned earlier, a blowout is simply a service in which the stylist will wash and professionally style your hair. In most cases, blowouts result in smooth, straight hair with a bit of curl at the end, but if that’s not your style, then it shouldn’t sway you from getting a blowout. Blowouts come in all different varieties, and you can choose how you want to style your hair. Before your stylist gets started, ask if there are different styling options. Most hair salons like Lush Hair Folk, allow you to choose if you want a straight or curly blowout, and talking with your stylist may even open your eyes to other options that you didn’t even consider!

Starting with wet hair, each section is lifted off the scalp. The reason for lifting hair off the scalp is so the natural oils won’t effect the hair—meaning that your hair won’t get as oily as it would otherwise. This allows you to go longer between washing. Unlike many styles, a blowout typically lasts two or more days. Remember the ladies that used to (or still do) style their hair with a roller set once a week? It’s a similar concept. The goal is to get your style to last as long as it can go.

Extend the Life of Your Blowout

One of the best parts about getting a blowout is that this gorgeous style can last up to a week depending on the texture of your hair. Those with naturally oily scalps may be at a slight disadvantage, but it’s possible! If you notice that your roots are getting a bit greasy, try to tame them with your favorite dry shampoo. On the other hand, if you get out of bed in the morning and notice that your hair has lost its volume, simply flip your hair upside down and spray it with volumizing spray to give it new life. 

Maintaining healthy hair is the number one priority for a blowout. Getting a blowout results in less damage for your hair, and thermal brushes are the key. A thermal round brush provides some heat to the hair, minimizing the need for using actual hot tools. This helps the hair, because thermal brushes used with a blow dryer cannot get as hot as a smoothing iron. No matter how much heat is on your hair, however, it’s still vital to use proper products. Your hairstylist at Lush Hair Folk will decide and educate you on what type of products will be suitable for the desired look. This way, the style will last as long as long as possible.

Schedule Your Blowout at Lush Hair Folk Salon!

Are you interested in seeing what a blow dryer in the hands of professional can do for your hair? At Lush Hair Folk Salon, we offer a variety of salon services, including blowouts, that are designed to help you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. We offer sleek, volume, and beachy blowouts, and our stylists will work with you to create a look that you love. Learn more about the salon services we offer, and contact Lush Hair Folk Salon in Houston to schedule an appointment!

Most importantly, blowouts are for everyone. Getting a blowout service takes your hair to the next level, no matter the situation. When you have long, thick, and unruly hair, why not let someone else do your hair for you? It will take less of your time and is a great way to pamper yourself once a week. Or, if you have a special occasion coming up, such as a wedding, a blowout is the way to go; there is no better way to get your hair looking sexy for a special event than to get your hair blown out the day of or a day before before the event.

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