How Long Does A Keratin Smoothening Treatment Last?

A professional keratin treatment can last up to 6 months while a home-use treatment last 45 days at the most.

If your looking for a frizz fighting treatment in Houston, a keratin treatment or a brazilian blowout might by for you! The majority of keratin treatments last between 3 and 4 months, though some can last up to 6 months. Depending on your hair’s needs, we at Lush Hair Folk advise getting treatments every 4-6 months. How long your keratin treatment last is determined by a factors below:

How often you wash your hair

The treatment will last longer if you don’t wash your hair as frequently. If you wash your hair daily, you can anticipate the treatment to last about a month. The treatment, however, can last between 5-6 months if you only wash your hair once or twice per week.

Keratin Smoothening Before and after

The type of keratin treatment

There are various keratin treatment types, and some are more durable than others. Your results won’t last as long if you use a keratin treatment that doesn’t involve flat ironing the hair at a high temperature. Hair salons have access to better quality keratin which saves you in the long run.

Where you got your keratin treatment

Your keratin treatment will probably last longer if you have it done at a professional hair salon rather than at home. This is due to the fact that in the salon, your hair is flat ironed in incredibly small sections while being heated to an extremely high temperature (450 degrees). You might not have access to the high-powered, high-temperature tools found in a salon when performing your keratin treatment at home. Your results will therefore simply not last as long.

What material you sleep on

It is advised that you switch from cotton to silk for your pillowcases to help your keratin treatment last longer. Cotton sheets produce friction that leads to split ends and frizz in people with dry, damaged hair. When you spend money on a keratin treatment, you want to reduce damage as much as you can to increase the treatment’s longevity.

keratin hair smoothining before and after

How can you make a keratin treatment last longer?

Your treatment will be quickly undone if you frequently wash your hair with cosmetics that contain chemicals like sulfates, metallic salts, or alcohol. Bleaching or permanent dyes make it even worse. The keratin you’ve added will be eliminated by those procedures. Here are some suggestions to make your keratin treatment last longer.

Avoid shampooing right after the treatment

For at least 48-72 hours following your treatment, refrain from shampooing. As a result, the keratin has a chance to set and completely penetrate the hair shaft.

Use sulfate- and paraben-free hair products

One of the most crucial care practices you should think about incorporating into the rest of your beauty regimen is this one. Include new items that don’t contain silicones, alcohol, metallic salts, sulfates, or parabens. These chemicals damage the hair and remove keratin in addition to causing wear and tear.

Avoid coloring or bleaching

The keratin is quickly removed by the chemicals used in these procedures. Because permanent hair color contains chemicals like hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair, it should be used two weeks prior to the keratin treatment. The keratin will begin to break down if you color your hair right after getting a keratin treatment because the developer removes everything in its path.