What is Permanent Hair Color?

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Are you ready to go all-in with your new color? Permanent color is a serious way to get a deep, long-lasting color. Everyone has a different list of reasons for coloring their hair, ranging from covering grays to changing up your tone and everything in between. While we may not all have the same list of requirements, we all agree on one thing: we all want beautiful hair color.

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Permanent Hair Color Facts

Permanent hair color is the most long-lasting option available. Permanent hair color works by interacting with your hair’s natural pigment and altering its structure. Permanent hair color is made up of tiny colorless molecules that are dyed. They penetrate the hair cuticle with the help of ammonia, but the magic happens when they combine with hydrogen peroxide and create a chemical reaction known as oxidation. Permanent hair color molecules become complex after oxidation and can embed themselves in the structure of the hair fiber. The end result is what we call permanent hair color, or hair color that can withstand multiple washes at the very least.

One of the main reasons permanent hair color has a bad reputation is that it contains more powerful chemicals than demi-permanent hair color, which coats the hair but does not alter its structure. Permanent hair color opens up the cuticle and requires more time to sit on the hair, so the texture of the hair may change slightly.

What is it Used For?

Permanent color is a long-term solution for covering gray hair, lightening or darkening hair on multiple levels, or changing the color of your hair completely.

How Long Does Permanent Hair Color Last?

Permanent hair color lasts until you re-dye or cut your hair because it changes the structure of your hair. It’s not going to wash off with a few shampoos, and it’s not going to fade over time. As a result, it’s only used for drastic color changes. If you lighten your hair by more than one shade, you’ll need to visit the salon every six weeks for a root touch-up.

Why You’ll Love Permanent Hair Color

No More Grays

Permanent hair color is the gold standard for covering grays because it actually changes the color of your hair. This is because it isn’t just covering or blending them; it is actually changing their color from gray to another. Permanent hair color is recommended if your hair is more than 25% gray, according to most hair colorists.

Lightening Your Hair

Permanent hair color can lighten virgin hair (i.e. hair that has never been colored) by up to two shades without the use of bleach or other chemicals. By opting for a permanent home hair color, you can save time, effort, and an extra step of complexity at home.

Better Hair Color

Permanent dye, unlike demi-permanent dye, is committed to providing rich, long-lasting color that doesn’t fade as quickly as the alternative.

Myths About Hair Color

It Damages Your Hair

Permanent hair color contains both chemicals that remove color from your strands and pigments that alter the color of your hair. And, as previously stated, because permanent hair color is designed to withstand multiple washes, the chemicals must be stronger, and they must be left on the hair for longer periods of time.

When it comes to permanent hair color, how long does it last? Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you may not need to touch up your roots for another 4 to 6 weeks.

While it’s understandable to be concerned about permanent hair dyes wreaking havoc on hair strength and elasticity, permanent hair color and extreme damage don’t go together when left to a professional. Even if you have a new shade, your hair will look and feel great after a professional permanent hair color service.

Permanent Hair Color is Only For Covering Gray Hair

Permanent hair color is a great way to hide gray hair because it comes in a wider range of colors and lasts longer than demi-permanent hair color.

However, covering grays isn’t the only benefit of permanent hair color. Permanent hair color is often used at the root of trendy hair color looks like ombre and balayage, as well as a lightener for the ends. In order to make a gradient that looks natural.

Going Lighter Will Make Your Hair Brassy

When your new haircolor fades and the natural pigments in your hair that weren’t lightened with bleach or haircolor start to show through, brassiness can occur. While brassy hair is annoying, you can delay or prevent it from happening in the first place by taking the necessary lightening measures.

Choosing the right shade right away—one with a lot of cool tones—can help you avoid the dreaded orange tinge later on.