What Is 2B Hair Type?

2B Hair

The following category of type 2 hair is type 2b. This hair type has a more medium texture, a slightly more pronounced S shape to the hair strand, and resembles loose beach waves with less of a “bounce” curl. If you’re not sure if you have type 2b hair, let me explain it to you in plain terms. You can confidently identify your hair as type 2b if it is primarily flat and straight at the roots, but becomes wavier and holds a “S” shape toward the ends. 2b hair closely resembles the natural beach waves that so many people seek out. If neglected, these beach waves can frequently display extra frizz and unruliness. If you want extra length or volume, we offer hair extensions customized for your hair type.

Checklist If You Have 2B Type Hair

  • Medium-textured strands
  • Usually feels dry
  • Without enough moisture, hair becomes frizzy.
  • Heavy products cause waves to sink
  • Products to define and shape waves might be required.

Most Common Issues With 2B Hair Types

  • Chronically Dry – Bear in mind that 2B hair is less greasy than 2A (slightly wavy) hair. The drawback to that, though, is that your hair might be constantly thirsty and dry, especially at the ends. Excessive sebum, the natural oil on your scalp, makes your hair appear greasy. However, its primary function is to moisturize and nourish your strands. You may experience chronic dryness that is difficult to treat with conditioner alone because your wavier texture makes it difficult for oil to travel down strands to moisturize them.
  • Not So Easy to Straighten – Hair in 2b requires some effort to straighten. You can’t simply brush through your hair to straighten it, unlike type 2a waves. This will probably result in frizz, which will need serious detangling and styling to remove. When brushed through dry, type 2b hair has a bristle-like appearance due to its moderate volume. The puffier it becomes the more you brush it. Therefore, if you don’t want nasty hair, we advise against using this technique to get straight hair.
  • Tends to Be Frizzy – Frizz is yet another drawback of 2B hair’s chronic dryness and medium texture. Individual wave strands become brittle and rough when your waves aren’t properly hydrated. Some start to drift away from their regular wave groups and develop independent minds. The most damaged areas of your hair will be more prone to frizz, and these strands may kink and bend differently from the rest of it. Thankfully, adequate hydration and moisture will reduce or eliminate frizz for a more defined, tidy texture.
  • Prone to Tangles – Tangling comes with the 2B hair territory. The way the bends in your strands overlap and slide over one another naturally lends itself to tangles and snarls. Your hair’s tendency to tangle is made worse by dryness and damage. However, just like the other 2B issues like frizz and dryness, excessive tangling can frequently be resolved by attending to your hair’s specific moisture requirements.

Type 2B Hair Compared To Others

Keratin is a hard protein that makes up hair. Each hair is anchored to the skin by a hair follicle. The base of the hair follicle is made up of the hair bulb. Living cells divide and grow to form the hair shaft in the hair bulb.

  1. Type 1 hair (straight hair): 1a hair, 1b hair, 1c hair
  2. Type 2 hair (wavy hair): 2a hair, 2b hair, 2c hair
  3. Type 3 hair (curly hair): 3a hair, 3b hair, 3c hair
  4. Type 4 hair (coily or kinky hair): 4a hair, 4b hair, 4c hair

Recommended Haircare Regimen For Type 2B Hair

If you have type 2b hair, you can definitely identify with the uncontrollable frizz that can appear the moment the weather changes. The frizziness of type 2b hair is made more difficult and real by the fact that it is in between a curl and a wave. Moroccan oil and a good smoothing serum will become your new best friends if you have this frizz. Additionally, type 2b hair is more likely to tangle, which causes knots and split ends. You can fight frizz and weightiness with a small amount of both products while showcasing your smooth, bouncy new locks.

Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners

Sulfates can be very bad for your hair, especially if it frequently becomes frizzy. Your hair will receive better care if you use sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products to help reduce frizz. Your scalp and hair can be gently cleaned with them without losing their natural oils, so they will feel clean without feeling dried out. How to wash your hair extensions?

Use Professional Products

Use Lightweight professional hair products. Their strands will become significantly weighed down if a heavier serum is used. However, you are fortunate enough to give your hair a lot of product without that occurring. This is fantastic because you require it. Your hair needs product, from leave-ins to gels to serums, to keep it looking its best. Don’t in any way be afraid to approach them.

Use a wide-tooth comb

When brushing your hair, use a comb with wide teeth. Your hair can easily become tangled and knotted. Although brushing it out can be effective, it can also be rather harmful. Utilizing a wide-tooth comb will be a little kinder to your hair and better accentuate your natural waves.

Do I Have 2A or 2B Hair?

Compared to type 2b hair, type 2a hair is much finer and lifeless. This hair type is prone to product buildup that results in volume loss at the root. It is much simpler to straighten and change type 2a hair. In contrast to type 2a, type 2b hair has thicker strands that are more waved and textured from root to base and is slightly flatter at the crown. You will need to exert much more effort than with 2a hair if you want to straighten and get rid of waves in 2b hair.

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2b hair has much tighter curls than hair on the other end of the styling spectrum. So how exactly does someone with 2B hair get these curls? Using a diffuser is the simplest way to improve this natural hair texture while introducing more bounce and curl. In addition to speeding up the drying process, a simple diffuser attachment for your standard hair dryer will add texture and volume to your natural curl pattern, enhancing it.