What Hairbrush Is For Your Hair Type?

Hairbrush + Your Hairtype

Can damaged hair or a bad hair day be caused by the wrong brush? Although you may not have given much thought to the type of brush you use, everyone who has hair brushes it.

Round or vented brushes work best for styling, while other brushes are better for detangling and some even help with static and frizz. Here, we’ll discuss various brush types and the benefits they can provide for your hair type.

Loop Hair Brush

Best For Hair Type: All Of Them

best for: Hair Extensions, Wigs, And Weaves

The loop brush is essential because it works best for wigs, weaves, and hair extensions. The distinctive looped bristles on this brush allow it to glide over wefts without getting stuck or yanking them out. In addition to being excellent for brushing hair while wearing clip-in hair extensions, loop brushes can also be used to brush through more permanent hair extensions without causing damage or pulling.

Detangling Hairbrush

Best For Hair Type: All of Them

best for: detangling hair wet and dry fine hair

Even the thickest, curliest hair responds well to detangler brushes, which can be used on both wet and dry hair. They reduce the harm caused by brushing knotted hair and their thin, flexible bristles make it simpler to quickly and painlessly untangle children’s hair. But be careful when  hair is wet, it is at its most fragile.

Paddle Hairbrush

Best For Hair Type: All of Them

best for: Blowdrying

The paddle brush, which is popular and many people own, is renowned for smoothly brushing or blow-drying hair. The brush moves with your control thanks to its flat, wide, rectangular surface, and it also produces exceptionally smooth results without disrupting the natural wave and curl patterns of hair. Use the paddle brush to prepare the hair for pin-straight locks, then finish with the flat iron.

Remember that different types of bristles are used to make paddle brushes. Select a brush with stiffer bristles, such as nylon or synthetic, that can easily glide through textured hair if you have thick hair.

Round Hairbrush

Best For Hair Type: Medium To Thick

best for: Blowouts

For styling loose waves and blow drying hair, round brushes are a good option. Because they are completely circular, it is simpler to blow the hair under, creating curls or waves (depending on the size of the brush).

The round brush gives your hair the desired amount of bounce and helps to control frizz. We don’t advise using a round brush with a metal or ionic barrel if you have fine to normal hair because it could severely heat-damage your already brittle ends. We advise trying something softer instead, such as a round mixed-bristle or natural boar brush.

Teasing Hairbrush

Best For Hair Type: All Of Them

best for: Adding Volume

Teasing brushes are tiny and made to be used at the crown to give fine or limp hair volume and texture. They can give the appearance of fuller hair, which may appeal to people who are experiencing hair loss. Remember that teasing your hair shouldn’t be done too frequently because it can be damaging to your hair. If your hair is extremely fine or fragile, try to stay away from this brush.

Wide Tooth Hair Comb

Best For Hair Type: All Of Them But Extra Curly and wavy

best for: Detangling Wet Hair and Distributing Product

Wide-tooth combs have thick teeth with space between them. When wet, they can be applied to thick or curly hair. This comb’s broad teeth can distribute dye toners, hair masks, and deep conditioner treatments in an even fashion. When you step out of the shower, you can also detangle wet, delicate, and processed hair using the comb as a kinder alternative.

Rat Tail Hair Comb

Best For Hair Type: All Of Them

best for: Parting Hair Into Sections

I hate the name because it remind me of a rat. But sometimes the best tool isn’t even a brush. Because of their long, skinny ends, rat tail brushes and combs are teasing tools that can be used to lift and separate sections of hair to tease and add volume.

Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Best For Hair Type: Fine curly Hair

best for: Styling Dry Hair

Although fine-to-medium hair is simple to maintain and style with just about any brush, boar bristle brushes are the industry standard for producing glossy strands. Boar bristles are the preferred brush for women with fine hair because, despite not appearing to be the most delicate on the scalp, they are made to gently glide through the hair (like the paddle brush) without snagging or pulling on roots. In reality, they remove dirt, dust, and debris while redistributing the natural oils of the scalp from root to tip. Think of this gentle, efficient grooming tool as the icing on the cake for the ideal hair day.

Vented Hair Brush

Best For Hair Type: All Of Them

best for: Quick Blowdry

The best option for quickly blow-drying drenched-in-water hair is a vented brush. Hot air can pass through the vents and reach all hair layers. There isn’t much to it: brush your hair from root to tip while using one hand to control the blow dryer. Voila! It won’t take long for your hair to dry.