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Clip In Hair Extensions

Glam Seamless Invisi-Clips have an invisible and truly seamless clip weft that lies flatter than any other clip-in extension on the market. Invisi-Clips are 50% thinner at the top and sit flush against the scalp, unlike other clip-ins that can appear bulky and bumpy near the root (creating a dead giveaway that you’re wearing extensions). These comfortable-wear clips keep your natural hair damage-free without scrunching or tangling hair: no bulk, just natural-looking volume, length, and glam.

– Premium 100% Remy human hair extensions
– Double drawn (hair thick from root to tip)
– Super flat, invisible, and matte clip wefts
– Color safe
– Heat safe

Total pieces: 7 clip-in pieces of varying widths.

– Four 3 inch pieces (2 clips on each)

– One 6 inch piece (3 clips)

– One 7 inch piece (4 clips)

– One 8 inch piece (5 clips)

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What You'll Love About Clip-Ins

Glam Clip in Hair extensions

– 100% Remy Human Hair.

– Double drawn (hair thick from root to tip).

– Super thin and comfortable for an undetectable wear.

– More hair per pack (than any other clip extension brand).

– Easy and quick to install.

– The worlds most seamless clip weft, nearly invisible.

Clip In Hair Extension Houston FAQs

At our Houston hair salon we offer clip in hair extensions that you can purchase, plus installation. 

For a discrete appearance, Glam Seamless clips are made with a brand-new skinweft design. 7 clip wefts are included in each pack of Glam Seamless clip-in hair extensions, so there is more hair and fewer clips. Finally, you can purchase hair extensions of salon quality that contain more hair per pack!

All of Glam Seamless hair is remy human hair that has been ethically sourced. All hair extensions are double drawn and have intact cuticles. The REMY hair is sourced from India, and after being washed and allowed to air dry, you can see that it has a soft body wave texture. REMY hair holds curls beautifully and styles easily for any desired look.

You should have enough clip-ins after using one complete set. Thinner hair types might only need 5–6 clip wefts to cover their entire head. For maximum volume, those with thicker hair may want to add a few extra clip wefts.

You only need to wash your clip-ins once every two to three weeks if you wear them every day.

You can heat style your hair as frequently as you would your own hair. Since all of the real human hair used in Glam Seamless Hair Extensions is obtained ethically, all of our extensions will act like real human hair. Always use a thermal protectant and a low heat setting, as per our recommendation.

Just keep in mind that frequent use of heat styling will eventually have a negative effect on the disulfide bonds of the hair, causing them to be permanently broken and leaving you with heat-damaged hair and extensions!

Going swimming while wearing clip-in extensions is not advised.

Your clip-in extensions can last over a year if you take good care of them. Learn more

Simply take the clips off! To ensure they are prepared for your upcoming event, we advise cleaning them and storing them securely.

You can, indeed! All of Glam Seamless collection can be dyed because the hair is 100% human hair. Just keep in mind that only the hair itself should be dyed with demi- or semi-permanent dye. It is NOT advised to completely cover the top of the weft in chemical dye because this could harm the primary PU component. Never ever remove the color; always just deposit it. You want to maintain healthy hair. Color darker, never lighter.

Please be aware that chemically altering the extensions does void the product’s warranty.