Root Touch Ups

Re-Touch Your Roots

Root Touch Up Hair Salon in Houston, Texas

Re-Touch Your Roots

Glamour starts with the tiniest, most delicate details. At Lush Hair Folk of Houston, the premier luxury salon in Texas, get to the root of your personal style. We’re in the heart of Redemption Square, so it’s easy to find us. Touching up your roots is so much more than a chore. A luxury salon root touch-up is an opportunity to unwind, pamper yourself, and revitalize your gorgeous, glowing hair.

One of the most important steps in a color care routine is making an appointment for your regular color maintenance. Touching up your roots every 6-8 weeks is recommended by experts. Your hair should have grown about an inch by now. This is a good rule of thumb:

It’s time to visit your friendly neighborhood luxury salon when you notice your roots starting to show (and reveal your naturally effortless hair color secrets).

This rule varies depending on the shade, application technique, and your personal beauty routine. Our expert colorists can create a custom color care routine for you based on your personal style goals. This package also includes a standing root touch-up appointment for quick, easy styling with beautiful results.

Step into our salon booth for a step-by-step guide to root touch-ups that will take you from new color to root cover-up in your next appointment. As you embark on the best color journey your hair has ever had, we’ll answer any questions you have along the way.

Color Me Crazy

Our Houston high-end salon takes pride in being on the cutting edge of hair color trends. We have a full line of internationally acclaimed hair colors as well as a team of stylists from prestigious beauty schools. Lush Hair Folk’s reputation is built on delivering stunning hues. To put it another way, we take our role as beauty experts very seriously.

We go from root to end to create unbelievable color, whether pastel perfection is your dream hair color or a trendy balayage is the celebrity-inspired moment your selfies have been missing out on.

Our full color wheel of tones and shades is one of our favorites. There’s a wide range between dark blonde root and light blonde root touch up, not to mention all of the other base colors in our palette, when it comes to the best root touch up for each hue. The right shade for a root touch up and the recommended frequency of touch ups can differ depending on the over all color.

This is why, before making a major change, we recommend getting a color consultation. Once your color is complete, our helpful colorists can give you an idea of what to expect in terms of maintenance. Finding a color match that suits your lifestyle is the beauty of a curated color experience. Root touch-ups for colors that have faded naturally can be spaced out a little further apart.

Balayage, for example, is a great option for a low-maintenance color. Near the ends of the hair are the lightest strands. To keep the bold, dramatic shade, bleach and tone hair color and ultra-bright silver will inevitably require more frequent root touch ups (along with a diligent home hair care regimen).

Whatever color journey you’re on, we’ll keep your roots looking flawless so your color doesn’t get boring.

What to Do Between Root Touch Ups?

beauty-hair-woman-curly-hairstyle-natural brown

We’re always rooting for your hair, both in our salon chairs and outside the doors of our glamour studio. While awkward growth stages are unavoidable, faded roots are not.

At-home root care can be a great quick fix in between root touch-ups. Always have a high-quality root spray for root cover-up on hand. This backup will come in handy if life gets in the way and your next salon appointment is too far away. Sun exposure, chlorine, and hard water, as well as other environmental factors, can wreak havoc on root care. Gray hair cover-up is the ideal accessory for aging hair that allows you to defy time and look flawless in between appointments.

Always use color-safe shampoo, along with a little root spray if you’ve been particularly rough on your hair. These products are free of sulfates, parabens, and other color-fading chemicals.

Consider home root care as the most effective way to maintain your hair’s vibrant color. Staying on top of a healthy hair routine will make you a cheerleader for great hair. It’s also crucial to know when to hand it over to your stylist. Examine the science behind root touch-ups and why some color care techniques are best left to the professionals.

The Best Root Touch-Up Isn't a Do-It-Yourself Project

Don’t attempt root touch-ups at home.

Touching up your roots may appear to be a minor hair procedure. However, capturing the small details is crucial to achieving a cohesive look. Root touch-ups are a precise science that goes beyond what you can do at home with your hair (aside from a bit of root cover-up every now and then).

Color and bleach process more quickly along the root than the ends because the root is closer to the scalp, which generates heat. Roots are also fragile and easily broken. When the volume of lightener is too high, over-processing the roots during a DIY root touch-up can result in fried, frizzy, and damaged hair.

When it comes to root touch-ups, semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes have different requirements. An at-home root touch-up has the potential to look patchy or dull. It may also clash with the rest of your hair.

It’s best to leave root touch-ups and bang trims to the professionals. Fortunately, Houston, Texas’ Lush Hair Folk Salon has the ideal round-the-clock beauty routine for every head of hair. Our stylists will be happy to create a custom root revival schedule for you. We can also send you friendly reminders when your appointment is approaching.

If you’re going from dark or medium brown to platinum blonde, frequent root touch-ups (along with nourishing the hair and repairing any damage caused by bleaching and lightening) are essential. A restorative hair treatment can be added to a root touch-up appointment. An Olaplex treatment¬†service is a fantastic way to bring out your color.

A root touch-up is so much more than just another task on the long list of color maintenance chores. The best way to deal with new hair growth is to touch up your roots. On a regular basis, restore dull hair to its vibrant, goddess-like state.

From the moment you leave our salon to every moment after, bask in the glory of vibrant, eye-catching color. Making an appointment with our talented team is the best way to keep your hair looking naturally glamorous so you can tell everyone your hair is simply flawless. Your roots won’t be able to tell, we promise!