How Long Does a Brazilian Blowout Last?

Brazilian Blowout at Hair Salon

At Lush Hair Folk, Houston Hair Salon, we are professional hairstylists that are able to give you the new keratin treatment that everyone is requesting about, a Brazilian Blowout. 

How Long Will Brazilian Blowout Holdup?

  • The Brazilian Blowout lasts up to 12 weeks
  • The exact duration will depend on aftercare, such as the use of sulfate-free products and a hairdryer at medium temperature.

Expect to be at the hair salon for about 90 minutes—long enough to catch up with your hairdresser, but not so long that you need to clear out schedule.

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

In short, a Brazilian Blow dry or Brazilian Blowout is the semi-permanent solution to saying goodbye to frizzy unmanageable hair and hello to divinely smooth hair. Yet, you can still wear your hair with curls or wavy styles, depending on how the mood takes you – unlike with Japanese straightening treatment. The main benefit: you shouldn’t have to spend hours blow drying your hair for ages to tame it, it makes hair more manageable and easy to style.

What Are the Benefits of a Brazilian Blowout?

There are so many advantages to getting a Brazilian Blowout, especially in Houston:

  • You’ll save tons of time in your morning routine: blow drying takes a fraction of the time it took before treatment.
  • The treatment works well for curly, wavy or straight hair with a little frizz. It’s great for thick or fine hair.
  • Your hairstylist can customize it to your needs, whether you’re looking for smoother hair or prefer to keep your bouncy curls while eliminating frizz.
  • The protein treatment actually strengthens your hair. It can help smooth and strengthen damaged or processed hair and always adds a layer of radiant shine.
  • It’s safe for color-treated hair and can even be done at the same appointment as your color refresh.

What Makes a Brazilian Blowout Different From Other Keratin Hair Treatments?

The biggest difference is the downtime. Unlike other keratin hair treatments, this service doesn’t require you to shield your hair from water for days after your salon visit. So you can shower, swim, or go in the rain straight away, without worrying about ruining your new hair treatment.

Brazilian Blowout FAQ

A Brazilian blowout creates a protective layer around each strand of hair. It uses a liquid keratin formula. Adding more keratin can help strengthen and smooth hair strands. This temporarily makes your hair look fuller and glossier.

The cost of the treatment depends on two factors: the salon and the length/thickness of your hair. The average cost of a Brazilian Blowout treatment ranges from $200 to $500. At Lush Hair Folk check out our pricing.

While everyone is a good candidate for a Brazilian Blowout, including those who have color-treated, permed, or relaxed hair. A Brazilian Blowout can certainly cut down your drying time significantly.

A Brazilian blowout typically lasts three to five months. This all depends on how often you shampoo and the natural texture of your hair.

Do not wet your hair for at least 72 hours after the treatment. Do not color your hair for 6 weeks. Do not rest your glasses on your head about 72 hours after treatment. Do not rest your scalp on cotton pillow cases.

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