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Balayage, is a popular hair colouring technique, that has taken the world by storm and rightly so. Its lived-in colour is a dream to upkeep and fools everyone into thinking you came by those sun-kissed highlights naturally. We have found that it’s all our clients ask for when it comes to highlighting and colour treatments. Balayage hair 101
A fresh haircut, style or colour treatment such as balayage dark hair changes how you look and how you feel. Therefore, when you’re in search of a hair salon specializing in Balayage for Dark Hair in Houston to rejuvenate your current style, call Lush Hair Folk in today. At Lush Hair Folk we are professionally trained stylists, versed in the latest colouring techniques to ensure you leave with a style that compliments your unique personality.

What is a Balayage?

Balayage is a French word meaning to “sweeping.” Its name translates explicitly to the freehand technique used to create a low-maintenance, blended and natural look with no harsh dye lines. When done correctly, your stylist takes a small section of hair and sweeps the colour onto the top before applying more colour towards the bottom. Balayage Dark Hair allows for more control, as well as creates trendy and effortless sun-kissed highlights.

Typically, it’s challenging to dye thick, dark hair as it tends to resist color. Dark hair has low porosity, meaning the hair cuticle forms a tight layer on the surface of the hair. As a result, for the color to saturate the hair, it must penetrate a tight cuticle and seal to reach the dark base color. Dark hair must be lifted many more levels than brown or blonde hair, which opens the hair cuticle further. When bleached, naturally dark hair passes through a variety of colors from black and brown, to red, orange and yellow.

Depending on your consultation with your stylist professional trained in Balayage for Dark Hair in Houston, the thickness of the highlights can vary, and how much or how little dimension you wish to achieve. Through this hand-painted dye technique, you receive a unique look wholly tailored to you, hair type and personal style. How long does balayage last?

What is the difference between Balayage and Ombre?

If you’re ready to change up your hair and you can’t decide between Ombre and Balayage, you’re not alone. The most significant difference between balayage and ombre is how the colour is applied. Balayage vs Sombre


With Balayage, not all the ends will be affected by the dye, and the transition between dark and light is much longer and more natural-looking. With this technique, soft, highlighted hair intermingled with darker strands to create a dynamic look that’s full of movement and body. As a result, individuals with thin hair turn to this technique to increase the appearance of thickness in their hair. As your hair grows, the highlights stay atop the first layer, growing out evenly and softly without any hard color separation.


Ombre is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. While the roots remain dark, the hair slowly lightens down the length of the strand until it hits the lightest, most highlighted points at the ends. If done correctly, Ombre mimics the natural color change of your hair in the summer months. The new hair growth will stay your natural color while the ends, which are exposed to more sun than the roots, turn a shade lighter.

In short, Ombre is more of a style, while Balayage is a technique. However, both result in a low-maintenance routine as the color placement is not strict but done in gradual or sweeping arrangements. Choosing the right color treatment for you depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. However, for a timeless, low-maintenance and sun-kissed look 365 of the year, book your appointment at Lush Hair Folk for balayage dark hair. Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, your stylist works with you to create a look that accentuates your unique personality.

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How to care for Balayage on dark hair

Keeping your brand new balayage vibrant and looking healthy requires proper maintenance and up-keep. Bleaching hair is a chemical process that removes the natural pigments from your hair fibers. We have a collection of tips to combat damage to your follicles and strands of your hair and preserve the bright colors of your latest Balayage treatment on dark hair. Tips on how to care for a Balayage.

  • Tone Your Hair – As dark hair is typically warm-toned, without proper aftercare and maintenance, your bleached hair can quickly turn brassy. One of the best ways to combat brassiness is with toners. Toners contain just enough pigment to improve your hair colour and restore its brightness and vibrancy. 
  • Purple Shampoo – Purple Shampoo works by using the colour purple to colour-correct warm tones in bleached blonde hair. Because Purple is directly opposite to yellow on the colour wheel, they work to cancel each other out. Therefore, when you use purple shampoo, it neutralizes warm yellow shades and hides brassy tones to reintroduce a more platinum tint
  • Wash Your Hair Less Often – Shampoos are designed to remove dirt and oil from the hair. However, over-washing your hair will strip away crucial nutrients and essential oils that help to keep your hair healthy. It is essential to wash your hair every three to four days, as well as buy a gentle dry shampoo to spray on your roots to stretch the time you can go between washes. 

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