Normal Habits That Cause Hair Damage

Styling your hair can be pretty fun, exciting, and even addicting at times. There are so many things that you can do to your hair to show your personality. If you’re reinventing your fashion preference, you also get a hair makeover in the process. But all these things can eventually lead to hair damage. With everything you do to your hair, how much time do you actually dedicate on keeping your hair healthy? Here are a few common mistakes you’ve probably been doing to your locks without even knowing.

1. Using The Wrong Type of Comb or Brush

So many women make the mistake of just buying either the cheapest or the cutest looking brush in the department store. Consider your hair type and texture before you buy a brush. For detangling, use a wide-tooth comb, a detangling brush, or a flat paddle brush and detangle the ends first before you start brushing from your roots. Meanwhile, when blow-drying, use a round, vented brush. Knowing which tool to use can help save your hair from breaking easily and from damage.

2. Conditioning Your Roots and Not The Ends

When washing your hair, you should shampoo from the roots to the tips to remove dirt buildup on your scalp. When using conditioner, though, you should only apply it from mid-length up to the tips. The point of using conditioner is to moisturize your hair strands to keep it from becoming dull and dry. Conditioning your roots may cause your scalp to become oilier than usual, and this may lead to skin problems, so best avoid going too far up when giving your tresses a treat.

3. Using High Heat to Dry and Style Your Hair at The Same Time

When you set the heat on your flat iron, curler, or blow dryer on high, what you’re doing is burning your strands and possibly damaging your hair follicles. If you do this every day, you might notice your hair becoming drier and looking fried as time goes by. Even if you’re in a rush, you should dry and style your hair separately. Don’t skip it—dry your hair first before straightening it, and remember to only go for medium heat setting to avoid damage.

4. Bleaching Your Hair Yourself

Coloring your hair may be fun because it’s another way of self-expression. However, dyeing your hair yourself and using corner store products can damage your hair, especially if you’re into lighter shades that require bleaching. Bleaching basically takes out the melanin in your hair, and the risk of damaging your locks is high.

To avoid brittle and rough strands, ask experts at Lush Hair Folk when it’s safe to bleach your hair again. Getting the opinion of hair experts is important especially if you love coloring your hair.

5. Using The Wrong Product For Your Hair Type

Not all shampoos and conditioners are created equal, and not all are professional quality. First, identify your hair type then research about what hair products are good for your locks. It may take time to find the right products for your hair, but the search is worth it. If you start to follow Lush Hair Folk’s professional hair regimen, stick to it no matter how busy you are. Always make time to keep your hair healthy, and your hairstylist and follicles will thank you for it.