Get Babylights in Houston

What Are Babylights

Babylights are carefully placed, delicate highlights used to create a gorgeous, sun-kissed effect on your client’s hair.

They’re achieved by applying lightener to extremely fine sections of hair throughout the head. The end result is a subtle, yet dimensional look, reminiscent of the natural highlights you might have had as a child after long summer days spent playing in the sun.

Babylights are fine, delicate and natural-looking highlights — you’ll see brighter color at the crown of the head and ends of the hair, as you might see naturally occurring after time spent in the sun. To achieve this sun-kissed hairstyle, your colorist will work with small sections of hair at a time, with a small separation of the foils to make sure that the color blends in a way that feels natural.

Babylights can be used in combination with other coloring techniques depending on the exact desired look your client is going for. For example, stylists will often incorporate babylights into a normal balayage service to add subtle dimension to the part and hairline. Highlight vs Lowlight vs Babylights

Who Are Babylights For?

The beauty of babylights is that they can be applied to any hair color and type. As a stylist, you’ll be able to help the client choose the right shade to match their individual skin tone and achieve the best overall look. The sky really is the limit with this technique, since it works with any length as well!

Babylights can be a good fit for clients or guests who just want to dip their toes into the world of hair coloring, as they are a perfect way to accent the natural hair color without changing it too drastically. Since the highlights are super fine, the style becomes softer and more subtle as it grows out over time, without a heavy line of demarcation. This fact also makes babylights perfect for clients who are after a low-maintenance look.

Clients who are transitioning from a previous, more dramatic hair coloring can also benefit from babylights. The process can be used to create a smoother transition from the base color at the root into the existing color by softening any harsh lines and blending the colors together in a natural looking way. So, if for example your client isn’t feeling her ombre anymore, babylights can help her transition into an all-over color.

While babylights work on all hair types, it can work particularly well on clients with fine hair. Since in these cases it’s incredibly important not to overpower the hair with strong or chunky highlights, babylights can add depth and dimension to the hair in a natural looking way.

How Do You Care For Babylights?

Once you’ve had your babylights, you’ll want to invest in the right colored hair products to help them maintain their brightness and look for longer:

  • Choosing the right shampoo is the key to maintaining your color post-salon appointment. To keep your lightened strands looking their best, invest in a shampoo for color treated hair.
  • Use a conditioner for colored hair, as well as a colored hair mask once a week to help restore strength and vibrance to your strands.
  • Since babylights are popular with those who have fine or thin hair, try a reinforcing hair treatment to repair and boost its body.
  • A leave-in serum for colored hair is also a smart buy to help your babylights look their best: the moisturizing formula helps to protect and extend the life of the color, while also boosting shine.

How Long Do Babylights Last

Unfortunately, babylights aren’t the lowest maintenance of hair highlighting techniques. Since these thin, expertly placed highlights are typically placed all over the head, new growth will be noticeable as time passes between salon visits. The hair on your head grows about six inches per year or half an inch per month. Keeping that knowledge in mind, about a month or two post-salon visit, you’ll likely notice your babylights are in need of a refresh. Luckily, since these highlights are ultra-fine, you still won’t fall victim to a harsh line of demarcation.