Japanese Hair Straightening Vs Brazilian Blowout Treatment

What's The Difference Between Japanese Hair Straightening and Brazilian Blowout

In order to achieve pin-straight locks, Japanese hair straightening permanently changes the inner structure of the hair. While a Brazilian Blowout uses keratin to coat the hair’s outer layer, making it easier to manage and frizz-free. While it won’t be left perfectly straight, it will be simpler to straighten with a flat iron and healthier than a japanese hair straightening treatment

What Is Japanese Hair Straightening

A permanent method of straightening your hair is Japanese hair straightening, also referred to as thermal reconditioning. You’ll have straight hair for at least six months after using it.

This is possible because it breaks the organic bonds in your hair and changes the structure of your hair from the inside out using a chemical solution. This implies that the treatment cannot be removed by washing it away but rather must be removed through growth. It will require touch-ups about every six months.

How Japanese Hair Straightening Treatments Work

The hair is chemically relaxed during the Japanese straightening procedures using either a lye- or calcium-based hydroxide solution. You must wait about 72 hours before washing your hair after the treatment in order to get the best results. The Japanese hair straightening procedure does alter the hair’s structure and can harm brittle strands.

Aftercare For Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

You must keep your hair completely dry for the first 72 hours after treatment, avoiding all sources of moisture like sweat, rain, and showers. Additionally, you must stay away from all hair products, such as oils, gels, and dry shampoo. You shouldn’t put the hair up in a ponytail or even tuck it behind your ears; it should hang straight down.

After the first three days, the treatment will have taken, and with a few exceptions, you can resume your regular activities. Avoid using sulfate shampoos and spending too much time in the sun. Additionally, staying away from chlorinated water for the first few weeks following treatment is advised.

What Is A Brazilian Blowout Treatment

It also goes by the name Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Keratin is the main component. Hair and nails naturally contain the essential protein keratin. The 2% formaldehyde in Brazilian Hair Straightening prevents frizz and enables the hair to curl, go straight, or become wavy. Compared to Japanese hair straightening, it is a little quicker.

How Brazilian Blowout Treatments Work

Using a flat iron, the protein Keratin is infused into freshly washed hair. Keratin replenishes, conditions, and repairs any internal damage, shielding the hair from heat and water harm. Brazilian Blowout does not use chemicals that break or open the hair cuticle, in contrast to Japanese Hair Straightening. The effects last for four months to eight weeks.

Aftercare For Brazilian Blowout Treatment

In contrast to Japanese hair straightening, you are free to style your hair however you want after the treatment, but washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo is still recommended to prolong the life of your Brazilian Blowout. There really isn’t any aftercare for a brazilian blowout that’s why we recommend a brazilian blowout over a Japanese hair straightening treatment.