Hair Braids

Braids with a Twist for Bold, Trendy Hair

Hair Braids in Houston, Texas

Braids with a Twist for Bold, Trendy Hair

If you’re looking for the best braiding salon in Houston, look no further. For our Houston Divas, Lush Hair Folk Salon has the best luxury hair styling team to deliver killer braids and high-fashion glamour. Braids are a great way to give your hair a boost without having to dye or cut it. They’re ideal for glam goddesses who want to switch up their look without causing damage to their natural locks. Smooth, vibrant braids that maximize style without requiring hours of taming your gorgeous hair every morning are easy to maintain for textured, curly, wavy, and thick locks.

Lush Hair Folk offers a diverse range of braiding techniques and braids in a variety of styles. From current trends to classic looks, your neighborhood boutique salon can help you achieve Instagram-worthy style.

For Every Hairstyle, the Best Braids

Hair styling begins with sculpting one-of-a-kind looks for each client. Our luxury stylists have received professional training and are always up to date on the latest trends. We have the most popular celebrity braided styles as well as customizable looks to suit your own personal glamour goals when it comes to sleek, flawless braided styles.

Classic box braids will transport you back to the 1990s. These braids are always in style. Beads, metallic threads, and a splash of color can be used to dress them up. Box braids are great for adding length while protecting your natural hair. The length, fullness, color, and style can be changed whenever a new inspiration calls because they’re so easily tailored to each client’s hair goals. One of our favorite looks to create is long, elegant box braided hair. Braided bobs and lobs, on the other hand, are quickly catching up!

Boho braids are a fast-growing trend if you’re looking for a more free-spirited, loose, and wispy look. This gypsy-inspired look is ideal for thick hair that’s as free-spirited as you are. These braids will last for a long time. They also give off an air of effortless chic without causing damage to delicate hair from pulling, tying, and tugging. A boho braid can be a loose braid or a flower crown of tighter braids to bring out the forest goddess in every woman. At our salon, you can get everything from a single side braid to goddess braids, crochet, bridal updos, and twisted braids!

Do you want to dress up for a special occasion? For every Instagrammable moment, braided fascinators and updos are a high fashion “Yes!”