Interesting Facts About Houston, Texas

1. Americans typically dine out 5.9 times per week. But in Houston, respondents to a Zagat survey said they eat out seven times per week.

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2. Houston is home to the largest medical center in the world. There are 54 medically related institutions in Houston’s Texas Medical Center. The medical facility is larger than 1,000 acres, and 7.2 million people visit it annually on average.

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3. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were approximately 1.7 million foreign-born people living in the Houston Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in 2019. 23.4 percent of the population of the metro is represented by this number.

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4. One-third of Houston’s foreign-born residents are from Mexico (591,302). The next largest Central American country of origin was El Salvador (135,071), followed by Honduras (89,237) and Guatemala (40,529).

5. Asia was the region of birth for one-fourth of Houston’s foreign-born citizens (421,952). Vietnamese people make up the majority in Houston (96,184), followed by those from India (89,876), China (67,571), the Philippines (43,778), and Pakistan (89,876). (27,904).

6. Houston is a city where more than 145 different languages are spoken. After New York and LA, Houston has the third-highest concentration of languages in the country. Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindu, German, and even Tagalog are spoken in the region, along with Spanish and English, which are the two most common languages.

7. An underground network of pedestrian tunnels exists in Houston. Ninety-five city blocks are connected by the seven-mile tunnel, which is 20 feet below the surface. The tunnel originally connected two downtown movie theaters, but it now links a lot more locations, such as important city structures, eateries, and shops – it’s almost like a mini mall!

Houston underground tunnels

8. According to Fortune publication’s most recent report, Houston now has the third-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the country as a result of the recent headquarters relocations of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NRG Energy.

9. Houston became the biggest American city to elect an openly gay person as mayor in 2009 when Annise Parker won the election.

10. The biggest shopping center in Texas is located in Houston. The Houston Galleria, also known as The Galleria, has four floors and more than 375 stores, making it Texas’ largest mall. It first opened its doors in 1970. It’s the ninth-largest city in the country. You can find whatever you’re looking for at the Houston Galleria.

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11. Before the first known settlers showed up, the Karankawa and the Atakapa indigenous peoples lived in the Houston area for at least 2,000 years.

12. Sam Houston, a former general who served as president of the Republic of Texas and who led Texas to independence from Mexico at the Battle of San Jacinto, which took place 25 miles to the east of Allen’s Landing, is honored by the city’s name.

13. The world’s first domed stadium is also located in Houston. The Houston Astros used the Astrodome as a secondary home when it first opened in 1965. The first multi-use dome sports stadium ever built. The dome is not in use right now.

14. Every night 250,000 Mexican free-tailed bats come out from under Waugh Drive Bridge to hunt for mosquitos.