5 Reasons Why We Love Brunette Balayage

Choosing a new hairstyle for you can be very exciting but also a little scary decision at times. From highlights and layered haircuts to eccentric dye colors, you can really get lost trying to figure out the best choice for you. And one of the most popular hair styling techniques that has been in fashion for a while now is balayage.

Balayage has been a hair styling technique that has been on trend for a while now and from the looks of it, it’s not going anywhere. We are going to specifically focus on brunette balayage, and share with you five reasons why you should consider it on your next appointment to AVEDA salon.

But before we get into that, let’s take a look at how to keep your balayage from fading for a longer time.

4 Tips To Protect Your Balayage From Fading

  • Avoid washing your hair every other day. While we are not advising you to run around with greasy hair, we highly recommend stretching the interval between two washes. Remember, the more regularly you wash your hair, the higher chances of you fading your balayage.
  • Only use hair products, especially shampoo and conditioner that are gentle on your balayage. So next time you visit Lush Hair Folk Salon, the best Houston salon, don’t forget to ask the stylist for recommendations on hair products to protect your balayage for longer.
  • Another way of extending your balayage is by taking better care of your hair. Try following a moisturizing routine to help your hair remain soft, smooth, and shiny. This routine will allow the hair strands to seal the color, thereby preventing your highlights from fading faster.
  • Lastly, avoid using styling tools with high temperatures such as hair curlers and straighteners to curb the fading of your balayage. Also, stray away from pools and other places with chemicals like chlorine that can damage your balayage.

5 Reasons To Consider Brunette Balayage

1. Suitable for all hair lengths

We have all come across hairstyles or hair color techniques that are only suitable on a certain hair length or thickness. But getting highlights looked great on all hair lengths, ranging from pixie cut to a waist-length tresses to a bob. So, whether you have short hair that reaches your shoulder or your waist, nothing nothing should stop you from getting a brunette balayage.

2. Adds more volume and depth to your hair

A great way of incorporating some dimensions and volume into your hair is by getting a brunette balayage. If you feel that despite your efforts your hair always looks flat and boring, then consider getting a balayage. This technique combines the lighter and darker tones in your hair to give it the appearance of more voluminous and fuller hair. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t make your head look big!

5 Reasons To Consider Brunette Balayage – Lush Hair Folk Salon – Best Houston Hair Salon

3. Wide range of colors

Unlike other hair colors where you can only have a limited number of options for balayage, brown balayage has a very wide variety of options to choose from. You can choose between both cool tone as well as warm tone color options. So whether you want subtle sun-kissed highlights or a full-blown blonde or golden balayage, you have plenty of options.

4. Looks great with all skin colors

Balayage uses two hair dying techniques, lowlight and highlight. So, depending on your complexion and skin tone, you get the option of both lightening and darkening your hair with balayage highlights.

For example, for caramel brown hair you can choose between both dark brunette balayage and honey blonde balayage.

5. A great way of framing your face

If you are having difficulty finding a haircut that complements your face, then consider getting some highlights to your hair. With both light and dark strands of hair framing your face, you can naturally contour your face with a brunette balayage. It will help you highlight the high points of your face even without any makeup.


If this question still revolves in your head, don’t stress to much! the best thing to do is book an appointment, (Located at 255 Assay St Suite 100, Houston, TX 77044), and we will guide you!