4 Tips To Make Your Balayage Look Way Better

Partial balayage before and after

Maintaining an amazing hairstyle is not as hard as most people think. One simply needs to be mindful of choosing a style that will stay in fashion for a long time, requires minimum touch-ups and using the right professional hair products. And one of the best hair styling techniques that a lot of experts swear by is Balayage.

Balayage is a highlighting technique that lightens or darkens sections of your hair to have a beautiful effect. It’s a very diverse style and can be done on hair of all lengths, thickness and textures. It is also easy to maintain and sexy to wear! So before we share with you some of the things that make your Balayage look better, it’s important to know what helps you in achieving a great Balayage in the first place.

How To Get The Perfect Balayage in Houston?

Only visit a professional Hair Salon: Get your balayage done at a professional salon, like Lush Hair Folk Salon.

Only use professional quality products: Make sure that the products such as the colors or dyes used are of high quality. If you visit Lush Hair Folk – Hair salon in Houston – you can ensure that only the best quality products touch your hair.

Choose the right colors according to your features: Based on your face and complexion, choose the best color combination and placement for you. Rather than copying someone else’s Balayage, choose what looks great on you.

Try not to do it yourself please: Balayage is an easy process and doesn’t take much time, but that doesn’t mean you should give it a try at home. Whether it’s your initial Balayage or a touch up to your existing style, only work with a professional hairstylist.

1. Don’t forget to refresh it at regular intervals

A great way of keeping it look pretty and stylish for a long period is to refresh it regularly. And unlike roots, you don’t have to run to your salon every four to six weeks, all you need to do is come to Lush Hair Folk for treatment to look after your hair.

If you have Balayage highlights in your hair, a follow up can be done every three to six months.

2. Taking good care of your hair to extend your Balayage

Another easy way of making sure it looks fabulous all the time, is to take care of your hair. Now before you call us cliché, there’s a science behind it.

The healthier your hair is, the longer your hair will hold on to the highlights and color in your hair. Use professional products that strengthen and moisturize your hair and scalp.

3. Know all the Do’s and Don’ts and follow them

While Balayage is a versatile look, there are still some do’s and don’ts that affect the life of your Balayage. Ask your stylist at Lush Hair Folk salon, for a shampoo and conditioner recommendation that will protect your highlights.

Stay away from high heating tools to style your hair and avoid using hair products with excessive amounts of chemicals as they can damage your Balayage faster. Hairstylists at Lush Hair Folk can recommend you products based on our unique hair.

4. Treat your hair with some extra love and care

One of the important steps that is necessary to maintain the moisture and hydration in your hair strands. Do not wash your hair everyday. hair can naturally replenish itself with the required nutrients most of the time.

Add quality products to your hair routine such as deep conditioners, hair oils, serums and hair masks – you can use Lush Hair Folk’s recommended products. Doing so will make your hair more shiny and smooth and add a new bounce to your Balayage.

5. Conclusion

Balayage is surely one of the best & trendy looks in 2021. And to have a great Balayage, the best thing to do is to go to a professional salon, the best Houston hair salon and stylists. Book your appointment now or if you’re a new client fill out the New Client Form online, we are located at 255 Assay St Suite 100, Houston, TX 77044