Why a Hairstylist Isn't Just a Hairstylist

Your Hairstylist is Here For You Through It All!

As many of us know, when you go to any salon it’s never just an appointment with your hairstylist. It’s often an opportunity to see a familiar face you trust and let them, for a little while at least, do something beautiful for you. We know that feeling of relief when you can just sit, relax, and enjoy  what’s to come. Looking for a new hairstylist that you connect with can be a time-consuming endeavor. At Lush Hair Folk we, don’t have time for trial and error when it comes to hair. So once you’ve found “the one,” you know it’s real.

Lush Hair Folk

You and your hairstylist Angel. It’s the one relationship that tends to outlive some of the most significant relationships in your life. We have seen you through the good, the bad and the tangled. Everything from “should I just chop it all off?” to “please don’t take any length off.”

This relationship isn’t just about hair. We cherish what you allow us to learn about you. The births, break-ups, career moves, graduations, weddings, divorces and more. We’re here to guide you, listen to you, and we always have your best interests at heart. Together we will find what works for you, and what’s going to bring you the most confidence.

If you want to talk, we’re here. A hairstylist is a trusted confidant. Sometimes you need someone outside of your friend circle to confide in. Or maybe you just had the longest day ever at work, and you want a silent sort of peace. Either way, we’ve got you. We don’t call it hair(apy) for nothing! You’ll leave the salon feeling lighter, sexier, beautiful, and most importantly confident because YOU know you look good girl.

And finally, we want you to have hair you love to live in through life’s milestones. For example, a hairstylist can share tips on growing out your hair for your wedding day or guide you through temporary postpartum hair loss. It’s life after all, and we’re here to keep you looking beautiful.

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