5 Tips to Avoid Getting Hat Hair

What Causes Hat Hair?

Hat hair is essentially caused by the friction that happens when your hat rubs against your head. When your hat rubs against your hair it creates static and frizz. Naturally, the hat pushing against your scalp is also causing your hair to fall a little bit flat. All of these things are easily fixed by choosing the right products, and styling your hair before throwing that cute hat on.

Say Goodbye To Hat Hair

1. Do Not Put Your Hat On Wet Hair

We’ve all been there! Rushing around a busy morning and running out the door with freshly washed, (and damp! hair). We always try our best to avoid this. Plopping a hat on top of your wet hair will force it to dry flat and only make it harder to style later on. Take an extra 5 minutes to give your strands a quick blow dry because it’s worth it.


2. Style Your Hair Accordingly

OK, we get it. You don’t have time to style your hair, that’s why you threw on a hat! If we’re on to something then choose a style that is hat-friendly. Wearing your hair in a braid, low pony or bun is all very cute options that will stay put all day long. 


3. Choose The Right Hat

The material your hat is made of makes a difference in controlling that winter frizz. Choose a hat that is forgiving to your hair! Rough materials like wool, straw or kevlar will frizz up your hair, but silk and cashmere are much more forgiving and will keep your hair looking smooth – while also preventing damage.

4. Give Your Roots Some Love

This is fun: Once you take your hat off, flip your head upside down, run your hands through your roots, and try to get some volume back!

5. Use a Helpful Product

There really is a product for EVERYTHING. The trick here is to get the static out of your hair after you take your hat off. 


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